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  DECEMBER 17, 2012
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I really thought by now that military collectibles would quiet down on eBay and people would be spending more time shopping for toys and other typical Christmas gifts.  Boy was I wrong!  You can see by the picks that I found today that the category is running strong and healthy.
WWII Auctions on Top in the USA Category

I have several TOP 10 lists ready to publish on my blog and many of the auction picks below could crack a future list.  If you are already subscribed to the blog feed then you will get a daily email about new posts.

petrollighter blackpanther sheepskinjacket cadetsweater      

Top German Auctions in WWII on eBay
You don't have to spell the word binoculars correctly to get lot of bids although I'm sure it helps.  Check out the first link below to see how forgiving the category is to those who don't use spell check.
 germanmaps ernstbinoculars germanholster1942 cleaningrod
WWII Auctions From Around the World
Today is a Manions edition so you will notice that to the left there is a block devoted to lots of auctions that you can get from my Hot Finds partner.  Some of those items you don't see on eBay so try them out because there is more than one alternative to eBay out there.

 combathelmet goldorder starofthehero patrioticwarorder    

Category Analysis & Newsletter Archive
I seriously am going to post about a months worth of Top 10 lists this week trying to catch up.  I'm actually thinking about shifting away from that strategy in the new year and looking for guest writers to share some of their knowledge on the blog.  All it would take is you sending me a word document with 300-500 words and some images and I'd be glad to feature you as a guest columnist.  If you would consider sharing your knowledge with my audience reply via email and let's talk!

Happy Hunting,
Jason Spangler, Santeeswapper