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  DECEMBER 6, 2012
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WWII Hot Finds

Wish me luck this weekend as I spend about twenty hours at my local mall trying to convince shoppers to buy some of my vintage toys as Christmas presents.  I've got the article link at the bottom of today's issue but now on with the Hot Finds.
Top Selling Items in the USA Category
The talk of the town for the US block are jackets. I've got several pictured below and since these are a favorite of collectors I'm sure they will keep getting bids as the get closer to the gavel coming down on these auctions. 

pilotgroupuniformaeroleatherjackettechmanual g1leatherjacket

Big Auctions in the German Category
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WWII Auctions From Around the World
It's been a while since I last featured swords from the Japanese empire. Recently on the reality tv show Pawn Stars I saw them get a true Samurai sword and have it restored.  Not my cup of tea but I know these blades go for a pretty penny.
oktoberrevolution britishofficeruniformred italianpavian italianflag
comic book I did land in my local paper for the toy show that I'm attending this weekend.  You can see the local article here.  Essentially I'm hoping to move ALOT of these toys as they are not something I collect but rather I ended up with them in buying another collection.  I'm sure many of you can relate to sometimes having to take it all to get what you were really after in the first place.  Wish me luck and may the Force be with you!  ;)
Happy Hunting,
Jason Spangler, Santeeswapper