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  NOVEMBER 22, 2012
USA Hot Finds

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WWII Hot Finds

Its Thanksgiving in America which also means that just around the corner there are the unofficial economic holidays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Pretty much just an excuse to run sales and convince people to go overboard on presents.  You can skip the crowds and check out some really vintage items in today's issue of the Hot Finds - everything is live and getting bids.
Top Selling Items in the USA Category
There is nothing better than finding a relic that has lots of documentation.  When the dust settles on the auction for the Marine sword the lucky winner will have all the history for a Marine who served from 1921-1953 rising from private to Lt. Colonel.

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German Auctions Getting The Bids
You know that there are some serious German collectors when a scabbard without any weapon in it can bring over $500 in bidding.  Click on the German Officer Hanger and Sheath to see.
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WWII Auctions From Around the World
An auction that is only going for $100 but has such exquisite photographs and history that I was led to consider buying it is the 1956 Soviet watch.  Now that would be a conversation piece if you had that on your wrist!  I need to get coached up on how to take pictures like that for my auctions.

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Like many Americans I dared to get on the Interstate yesterday and drive to see family.  Boy I-95 was crazy but I managed to get to my parents house for a quick visit.  This morning its on to my in-laws for round 2 of visiting and the actual big Thanksgiving meal.  They make a big deal out of this holiday and go overboard obsessing about the food so I do my best to stay out of the kitchen and compliment the chef.  See like many of you I've learned the best way to get along is to figure out the rules of the game. :) 
Happy Hunting,
Jason Spangler, Santeeswapper