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  NOVEMBER 1, 2012
USA Hot Finds

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WWII Hot Finds
eBay is gearing up for the holidays now that the calendar has turned but there will always be a constant turnover of great collectibles no matter the season.  With an eBay listing special this week many sellers have rolled the dice and put up thousands of new auctions.  Today's newsletter attempts to find the very best in WWII.   
Top Selling Items in the USA Category
There are lots of uniform pieces in today's list of the best in the United States category of WWII.  Check out the jackets, boots and lots of badges that I've spotted live.

bomberjacketwwiiposterslinerhelmetnet eddiequilted  

German Auctions Getting Bids on eBay
Every auction featured in the Hot Finds is top of it's class in terms of bids and value.  There some great picks in this block that are ending in the next few days. 
 militarybinocular buttstock oldleatherjacket germanjackethj
WWII Auctions From Around the World
Check out these picks that cover many nations that are not as common on eBay from Finland to Russia.

 medalorders crossofliberty dressuniform italiandagger        

Newsletter Archive and Category Analysis

halloween We had a good night trick-or-treating last night for Halloween.  I pulled the duty of handing out candy while my wife walked the kids around the neighborhood.  I would say the most popular boy costume I saw was Spider-Man and the most common girl costume was a fairy.  Oh sure I got my fair share of kids who were way over age including an old homeless looking man smoking a cigarette who asked for candy.  But overall they kids were excited and gracious and it was a lot of fun tossing candy into their bags.  I've enclosed this picture of my two characters!

Happy Hunting,
Jason Spangler, Santeeswapper