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  OCTOBER 18, 2012
USA Hot Finds

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WWII Hot Finds
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I have a fresh set of live auctions for you in today's newsletter. Now while these were not voted on by a panel of judges and then received millions of votes from average Americans I can certify these are my stars.   
Great History In These USA Top Picks
I found a medal today that you almost never see on eBay. The Congressional Medal of Honor is America's highest military honor. It's very rare when you have the chance to own this memorabilia. It's no wonder there are so many bids already running above 30.

congressionalmedal  rarebullion parachuteswitlik bomberflightjacket    

German Auctions Riding High in WWII on eBay
If you think I collect vintage watches then I am guilty of putting too many of them in the Hot Finds. But they are really classic pieces and for proof I suggest you check out the Vacheron Constatntin listing below.
 luftwaffejacket germantschako lugermagazines longsawback
WWII Auctions From Around the World
I could not resist but to mention this USMC Insignia which I found waving back at me. I like insignias and this one is a good one. Also be sure to check out the Regimental Scout Telescope.

 1stmacumc australianinsignia finlandwhitecross panzercross      

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Quick closing today so I can get the newsletter out on time. Have a great weekend and good luck on eBay.

Happy Hunting,
Jason Spangler, Santeeswapper