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Sew Clean Spot & Stain Remover powers out stains NATURALLY!

Whether your priceless project was made by you or someone else, pamper it with SEW CLEAN. 

Great for quilts, wall hangings and wearables.   This all natural cleaner is biodegradable, non-toxic and has no butyl or harsh alkalis.

Sew Clean removes ball point pen ink, pencil and crayon marks, lipstick and make-up, fingerprints, blood, grass stains, oil and grease, rust stains, coffee & soft drinks, chewing gum...and lots more. It also cleans glass, ceramic tile, plastics, painted surfaces, synthetic counter tops, vinyl wall coverings, carpet, fiberglass, and much more. Also removes adhesive gums.

Regular Price $10.99    
This Week:  $8.99 while supplies last  
Sale runs Friday 8/23 thru Thursday 8/29 


Strip Sticks!
The Strip Stick, so-named for pressing seams when strip quilting, makes ironing seams a snap without distorting previously pressed seams.  Other uses include the ability to press intricate piecing, such as one-block wonders and other blocks with intersecting seams. Quilters are excited to have a tool that not only keeps the seams very straight, but also cuts pressing time to a minimum.   18" and 45" available.

Strip Stick Demo

Strip Sticks

The Gypsy Cutting Gizmo ™  Chain Separator

The faster, easier, safer way to separate chain-pieced segments!   The gizmo stands steady, allowing you to work with both hands quickly and safely, using the gizmo's blade to zap through the thread.  Unchain the pieces fast and make life easier.

The Fabulous Fabric Glide

A set of two sizes of semi-hoops that control the fabric during free-motion quilting on a standard home sewing machine. Easy to use and extremely light weight. Relaxed hand positioning prevents hand, wrist and shoulder fatigue normally experienced when attempting to control the fabric.

Quick Demo Video:
Click Here 


Houlton Quilt Show was Sew Much Fun!
Last weekend, The Fabric Garden was on the road setting up shop at the annual quilt show in Houlton, Maine.  Robin dubbed it "Fabric Garden North".   Barbara and Robin did a super job up there - the booth looked great!   If you've never been to the show please make plans for next year.  It's worth the trip! 

Visit www.friendsandneedles.org for more info.

Correction to Maine Fall Shop Hop Dates

Last week we included information on the upcoming Maine Fall Shop Hop with the Hop ending on October 7.    This was incorrect.  The true dates are
September 28 thru October 6.

This year the theme nd have created a block geared around that month.  Shop-hoppers can collect each of the free block patterns at shops, plus will get a free calendar page for that is "A Calendar Hop!".   Each participating shop was assigned a different month ashop.   PLUS plenty of prizes, and pssst...  some shops might even have goodies!

Like Maine Fall Shop Hop on Facebook for updates.   We'll also have information on our website shortly!

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