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Please note our Holiday Hours:
Sunday December 23rd 8:00am-4:oopm
 Monday December 24th 
Christmas Eve 8:00am-12:00pm
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Open December 26th
Closed December 31 New Years Eve & January 1st New Years Day
How About Serving a Turkey like this?

 Perfect Bacon Wrapped Turkey

18 pound Turkey

8 Pounds of Thick Sliced Bacon

Your favorite stuffing - we used an Apple Stuffing (with Granny Smith Apples)

First prepare turkey inside and out

Preheat the oven to 325F

Then Stuff

Now comes the fun part -

Take about half the bacon and cover the turkey vertically first.  Covering each leg and wing.

Now take the other half and weave horizontally through the vertical strips.

Leave bacon at the end on each side so that it will tuck under.  Weave as tightly as possible and use tooth picks to secure.

Cover will foil and roast for 3 hours or so, you can baste as needed but keep the foil on.  Then take the turkey out and remove the foil and roast an additional hour. Let the bacon crisp and brown.

This will be the most moist turkey you have ever tasted.

What our customers say about us: 
I'm just writing this to tell you how AMAZING the cake was!
It ended up being my favorite detail by far of the wedding. 
Not only did it taste delicious, but you nailed it aesthetically. It was 
exactly what I wanted. Simple, rustic, woodsy whimsy!

From the warmth, charm and wit of Cecilia's excellent customer service
to the final product, we could not be more pleased! We are waiting on better
pics from our photographer, but I'll send the few she sent us so far of the cake.

Thank you so much!!

Theresa Ryan


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 Kristina Aragon


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