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Click here to learn more about this exciting technique for reducing myopia!

Access to your appointment history, confirm upcoming appointments and make new ones via your patient portal.  Read more below!

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Appointment Information Available To You

My patients continue to benefit from access to their information via our online patient portal.  I am doing a series of articles about the patient portal and what it allows you to have access to and what actions you can take from the portal.


The first things that you can do are confirm your appointment and complete your patient intake interview, before arriving to the office.  Once you log into the portal (please call the office for assistance if you have any issues logging in) you will see a window which will allow you to confirm your next appointment and also take the patient intake interview.  You can also book your next appointment based on my recommendations for your next appointment.

 The patient interview takes just a few minutes but provides my staff and I with a vast amount of information that we will use to make the most of your appointment.  You can also perform this task in the office when you arrive for your appointment if you don't do so before arriving.

If you click on the link for any of your completed visits, you can also view a summary of the visit by clicking on the "print summary" button.  This summary contains valuable information about your visit including the diagnoses made, medications that you were taking and services provided.   This is valuable information for you to have access to so that it can be shared with your other health care providers.


If you don't remember your login credentials or haven't requested them yet, just email Emily at office@warreneyecarecenter.com and provide her with a phone number to call you at to provide you with the credentials.   Once your logged in you can review lots and lots of information about yourself and your eye care/medical records.


To login, just go to: revolutionphr.com and enter your credentials!  While you're there, you can also schedule appointments based on the information about your last visits and recommended return for care dates too.

Vision Shaping Treatment

 Vision Shaping Treatment is something that I've been providing to my patients for over a decade.  Just recently, a very public example of what it can do was provided by the Heisman Trophy winner, and national champion Jameis Winston of Florida State University.


Much was made out of his squinting to the sidelines to receive instructions from his coaches.  It turns out that he's nearsighted.  A few weeks into the season he was fit with Vision Shaping Treatment corneal reshaping lenses, and soon thereafter his days of squinting at his coaches were over.  I've seen similar dramatic results for my patients, quick visual improvement and no more squinting!


While undergoing VST is no guarantee that you'll become a Heisman Trophy winner, for sports, VST is a great option.  You don't have glasses to wear and you don't have contact lenses to get displaced or get debris under.


The software that I use to design my patients' custom VST lenses continues to advance and improve, to the degree that I can now correct moderate amounts of astigmatism and low amounts of farsightedness too!  If you would like more information about this exciting vision correction option, feel free to call us at (262) 752-2020 or email us to set up a free, no obligation VST consultation.



I hope that you find our Patient Newsletter informative and interesting.  Please don't hesitate to contact the office or myself at any time!


John Warren, OD