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I've got some interesting announcements in this eNewsletter, pertaining to our holiday schedule and a new bifocal contact lens.  Read on for more info.....

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Frame Blow Out Sale
Our Change Is Your Gain!

We have a few collections of eye wear that we're no longer going to be carrying.  We will still have a relationship with the vendors so that we can service any frames that we sell, but we're not going to be actively buying any more of their product for the time being.  This means that you can save and save BIG!  


We are also turning over our entire selection of sun wear (other than our Costa Del Mar line).  So all of our sunglasses will be $50.00, with or without prescription lens purchase.


These frames will carry a full 2 year warranty, but will be sold at 65%-80% off of their usual retail.  Here are just a few examples:


Dolce & Gabanna, Mexx and Charmant                      $75.00 

Coach and Rayban Sunglasses                                  $50.00

Legre, XOXO and others                                             $35.00


These prices require the purchase of prescription lenses at normal retail prices.  Sorry, this pricing can't be combined with any other discounts or vision care plan coverage.  However, we will honor the 50% off second pair pricing.  This means that you could get two D&G frames for just over $100!   Once these frames are gone, they are gone.  We will not be re-ordering more for a similar promotion.  We cannot "save" or "reserve" these frames.  

Holiday Hours

As always, the office will be closed on Thanksgiving and the next day.  This is to allow my staff and their families ample time to spend together (and to shop on Friday no doubt!).  

However, we're going to do something different this year in December.  I'm closing the office between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day.  I will be seeing patients through December 23rd, and the office will be closed until 8:45am on January 2nd.  


I have made this decision for a whole host of reasons, one of which is the fact that with the holidays falling as they do, we won't have much patient contact time then anyway.  


We will be putting reminders about this into our billing statements starting in mid November.  If you have vision care benefits or flex account funds that you need to use by the end of the year, please plan accordingly.


I will of course be available to handle any ocular emergencies that come up during that time, just call the office on our regular line and you will be directed or connected to me.

Dry Eyes - 'Tis The Season.....

Every year about this time I see many patients who are suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome.  Their symptoms range from slightly irritated eyes to eyes that constantly water and all things in between.  Each patient is their own set of issues and problems and each solution needs to be tailored to that set of issues.  If you are having any issues with blurred vision and slightly watery eyes through the more severe symptoms, don't wait for things to get better on their own, they won't more than likely.


There are three main types of therapy for Dry Eye.  Artificial tears/Ocular lubricants are one of them.  Depending on many factors, the best artificial tear may or may not be the same that your friend, spouse or family member uses.  Some patients are lacking in the watery component of their tears, for others its the oily top layer of the tears that's insufficient and for some its more the waxy bottom layer of the tears.


For some patients, no matter what I do with regards to ocular lubrication, the tears simply drain off of the surface of the eye too quickly.  These patients may benefit from the insertion of punctual plugs.  This slows down the rate that tears are drained off of the surface of the eye.


And some patients need a prescription eye drop called "Restasis" which promotes the production of the watery part of the tears.  As you can see, Dry Eye is a complex condition, both to diagnose and to treat!  Don't go through this winter season unhappy with your ocular comfort and/or vision.  Schedule an appointment and together we'll figure out what's the best solution for  you!

I hope that you find our Patient Newsletter informative and interesting.  Please don't hesitate to contact the office or myself at any time!


John Warren, OD