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healing from Lyme disease
Healing from Lyme Disease
Client Testimonial

"I have found OHN so helpful to me and continue to follow your development as a healer. Thank you for all you do to educate and help your clients heal. OHN and the three-enema series has been a huge part of my healing journey. I don't think I could ever have made it this far in my battle with Lyme without the help of the coffee enema series. The essential oils have been miraculous. Not only has the combination of clove oil and cinnamon oil helped me battle the Lyme, but it has also been healing me of the neuralgia and nerve pain I was suffering. Taking these oils in the suppositories along with various other combinations of oils has dramatically improved the quality of my life. I no longer suffer from the burning, electric pain that used to radiate down both arms and prevent me from sleeping. I can now sleep on either side without my arms falling asleep. My left index finger that was constantly numb and burning is completely returned to normal. I'm still not completely cleared of the Lyme and have added both Monolaurin and photolytic enzymes to my protocol to speed up my recovery and eradicate the pathogens and support the dissolving of the biofilm in which Lyme likes to hide. However, I have found the essential oils to be so helpful in rebalancing all my bodily systems which have been devastated by the Lyme and am so grateful for you recommending them!" ~Ruth

15% Off Everything!


Your 15% OFF COUPON can be found
at the bottom of this newsletter.

essential oils for prostate health
Using Essential Oils for Prostate Health
Client Testimonial

"I received the package yesterday (thanks, Kayla, for walking the extra mile for me) and did my first healing suppository, with my prayers for the healing power within me. And I want to share with you the good news: IT'S WORKING... I went to pee with no urethral obstruction, I had no pain and no pelvic and bladder pressure, and most importantly, I could sleep well.

I'm very happy and convinced once again that all the answers are available if we search and ask the right questions with an open mind and a humble heart, and that there are always loving and caring angels like you and your team in our journey to wellness. Again, thank you!" ~Ed

Kristina Amelong on YouTube
Kristina's Video Blog Returns!

In this video, Kristina talks about assisting a client struggling with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain towards greater health. She also discusses Higher Guidance Training, world change, practice, the challenges of making a video blog, and humor.

Below is the e-mail that Kristina sent to the client she discusses in the video:

"I do know you can do this, Beth. At one point in my life, I was bedridden with terrible multiple chemical sensitivities, suffered persistent gut pain, and lived inside heaping piles of shameful, stored trauma. I know healing is possible for you also.

The resources that follow are steps for you to take. I promise to stick by you as you learn how to thrive."

Supplements:Additional Resources:

Kristina Amelong
cooking with Rayna
VIDEO: Cooking with Rayna
Want new ideas for healthy eating, with a fun narrative twist? Join Kristina and her daughter Rayna!

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enema series kit

enema series kit

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