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Bill's Skydiving Video


An ongoing dialogue between
Kristina and her client Bill...


Hi Kris! I was wondering about using wheat grass powder and chlorophyll perles together for a coffee enema. I already have some of the perles and have taken them orally just before doing a coffee enema as suggested previously. Would taking the perles and also drinking a packet of the wheat grass prior to the coffee enema be overdoing it? I've been using 5 perles per coffee enema when I have used them. So far I have only used some of the wheat grass in my cleansing enema a few times, just a half a pack per enema. The stuff sure is green! The note about the chlorophyll in the wheat grass being a binder for the toxins is well-stated! Taking the enema was very comfortable and I seemed to release more than usual. We've found another wonderful detox tool!

With the wheat grass powder and the accompanying enema water being so green, I nicknamed it my "St. Patrick's Enema"!

Thank you again, Kris, for providing such great products and services for such a delicate subject.

Blue skies,
Mr. Bill

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Just a note of thanks! I recently received the wheat grass powder and have tried it twice now with the coffee enema series! I did one late last evening and all went well. When I got up this morning, I did another cleansing 3-quart enema. The results were what I expected -- the toxins that got loosened up by the coffee/wheat grass series made their way to my lower tract, and the cleansing enema this morning took care of that! Needless to say, I really feel great now!


Hi Kris! Take a good, long look at this video of me skydiving! "Picture, if you will..." (as Rod Serling would say at the beginning of The Twilight Zone) "...a man, Bill Deli, pushing 70 years old, who after an eight-and-a-half-year layoff from the sport of skydiving, due to a torn shoulder muscle and subsequent "ground-bound" problems, gets it together and make his Re-entry Skydive #3848... in The Twilight Zone." Seriously, there are men and women, my age and a lot younger, that CAN'T do what I do! Although I'm in fairly good physical shape, I could shed a few pounds! Otherwise my ticker, blood pressure, and other organs are within normal specs (so far!). So, how did I get this old and still be able to jump out of an airplane and LIVE? I have to say that I've been detoxing via colon cleansing since my late 30's in the late 1970's after getting dysentery working in the Middle East. I really think that had I not pursued colon cleansing as I did, and instead had gone with mainstream drug therapy, I'd probably be in a lot worse off by now! You are looking at a 70-year-old man who is alive, lives life, and skydives!


Dear Bill,

Thank you for trusting me with your story. I am in Dallas now, with my 13-year-old daughter who has terrible sensory integration issues and has been lying in bed in terrible and constant headache pain for three years. It is tragic, and quite a TREMENDOUS JOURNEY. I am continually learning healing truths by being with her on her difficult path. We have sought high and low for these years, as I am continually willing to do for true healing. It is deeply sad to me that profoundly overused pharmaceuticals end up being the focus of a "medical" plan, instead of the simple admission by a doctor of, "I don't know what is going on with you," thus often turning the medical community into a profoundly oppressive method of "care" and a tremendous waste of intelligence and human resource.

Here is the center we are at this week: Carrick Brain Centers

One of the healing truths is to keep challenging the entire being, in a way that expands, and doesn't overstress, the nervous system as a core principle in healthy aging. You model this deeply and well. Now that I have finally had time to truly receive your video, your journey, and your tremendously generous gift to me of "coming out the closet," admiration and love have arisen within me. You are an incredible person.

Kudos to you, Bill!


P.S. Take a weekly enema series. For more information about frequency, read this. Also, eat edible insects in the form of Cricket Energy Bars! My favorite Cricket Bar flavor is called Aztec -- dark chocolate with a hint of cayenne and espresso. Delicious. I lived on them in Ecuador!


My heart goes out to your daughter and you! The words "overused pharmaceuticals" strike a familiar chord with me! Even when "necessary," I would use them sparingly and for the shortest time possible! I don't even have a bottle of aspirin in the cabinet. I can't even remember how long ago I took one. I have you and your daughter in my prayers.

You have a full plate right now. Continue on. In time we will get a chance to talk. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I feel most honored to be given this place of prominence in OHN. As I said, this is a big step for me. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. A comment by a friend of mine seems to fit both of us: Audentes Fortuna Juvat (Latin: "Fortune Favors The Bold").

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