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A Special Message from Kristina Amelong, Founder and CEO of Optimal Health Network:

In early June, I will travel to Ecuador with a team of twenty healers and thought leaders on a Wisdom Exchange on Transformational Leadership program. We will compare and contrast our knowledge base, our collective data. We will donate our time to bring water filters to indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest and the Andes Mountains, people whose fresh water supplies have been destroyed by industrial forces and heavy animal waste. We will exchange knowledge and stories with local professors, students, faculty, and guests at the Universidad de Cuenca. We will grow and network together in an outdoor educational setting as a group of entrepreneurs, healers, and teachers, and we will make a television/web documentary of this journey to share with a much larger audience.

donation to OHN

This is a huge step forward for Optimal Health Network. As I prepare for this trip, I am deepening the repository of scientific data which we share through our website on topics such as health begins in the gut and autoimmune diseases and severe infections as risk factors for mood disorders. The new and evolving web content will guide your path to healing within a uniquely multidisciplinary approach. We will explore science and spirituality, Western medicine and clinical practice in an alternative health setting, emotional healing and our collectively stored trauma, the colon cleanse, essential oils to facilitate your ability to listen, and much more!

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