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colon implants 
Does colon cleansing "wash out" healthy bacteria?

Frequent enemas should not be a concern for "washing" healthy bacteria out of the colon. It is actually a healthy process to "wash" healthy bacteria out of the colon. In fact, up to 60% of the dry mass of feces consists of healthy bacteria. The less constipated the person, the more healthy bacteria are removed from the body in the feces.

Worrying about washing healthy bacteria from the colon with therapeutic enemas is akin to worrying about washing healthy bacteria from the mouth by brushing your teeth. In other words, don't worry!

However, optimizing the flora (the naturally occurring bacteria) in the colon is important. Colon implants can help you optimize the gut flora and support you in healing from diverticula, Candida, and more.

Organic Wheat Grass
For colon implants and optimizing the health benefits of the coffee enema!

Contains 100% organic, whole leaf wheat grass

  • HEALTH | Promotes healthy body function
  • WELLNESS | Supports immune and detoxification functions
  • ALKALINITY | Naturally balances and increases alkalinity
Wheat grass juice, used in any of the three enemas in your enema series, will provide you with more energy by fulfilling nutritional deficiencies and removing wastes that clog your cells, blood, tissues, and organs.

Add 1/8 to 1 packet of Amazing Grass Wheat Grass Powder in any one, or even all, of your enemas.

Also drink one packet of Wheat Grass Powder dissolved in water 30 minutes before your coffee enema. Chlorophyll is a toxin binder. Once coffee stimulates your gall bladder to contract and release toxin-laden bile into the small intestine, you want to deliver a toxin binder to where the bile duct enters the intestine to bind the toxins so tightly that they will not be reabsorbed through the intestinal wall.

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