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December 26, 2014
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Don't Have Time for the Enema Series?
essential oil suppositories

Dear Kristina,

I took an enema series yesterday, and today my body feels like it could use another one but I simply don't have time to take the enema series today. What can I do?


Dear Deborah,

You can use a rectal suppository with Young Living's Purification, Tangerine and Geranium essential oils, 3-4 drops of each. You ought to find that this suppository recipe supports your body on those days you feel that you need a therapeutic colon cleanse but simply don't have the time to take the enema series.


anal fissures
Anal Fissure Testimonial

Dear Kristina,

I've been suffering for years (even through being pregnant with cancer) from a Crohn's anal fissure that even doctors from UCSF could not help. Severe pain, chronic drainage, etc. Medications, surgeries, and treatments with little to no results. Only 3 weeks into using the OHN anal fissure suppositories, I'm 80-90% healed!

In much gratitude,
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prostate health

After Just Four Days, My BPH Symptoms Are Greatly Reduced!

Essential Oil Blend for BPHTESTIMONIAL:

"Just started with colon cleansing. After having compromised prostate health for many years, I am seeing positive results in a short period of time. I am using the essential oil blend for BPH. After just four days using a BPH suppository at night after the enema series, my symptoms of BPH are greatly reduced! Thank you for this powerful information and great products!" ~ Mark

Men who report prostate-related difficulties often undergo PSA testing, along with a digital rectal exam (DRE), to help doctors determine the nature of the problem.

Essential Oil Blend for ProstatitisTESTIMONIAL:

"Two months ago, I had a PSA test because I was frequently waking up at night to urinate. The PSA test was elevated. I felt scared about prostate cancer; a friend of mine had died from it a couple of years earlier. However, I wanted to try improving the outcome of my second test before I took it as I wanted to avoid a biopsy. When I returned from my doctor's appointment, I immediately spent time on Google researching prostate health, BPH, prostatitis, prostate cancer, wellness, and more. Thank God I came across your website, found your information about the enema series and the Essential Oil Prostatitis Blend, and decided to give it a try. I am happy to report that last week, I went back to the doctor, had another PSA test, and it came back normal. I did the enema series 3-4 times a week and the suppositories each night. I can't thank you enough. Please use my story." ~ Frank F.

The following links will help you learn about Optimal Health Network's unique 3-enema protocol and prostate suppositories:

Slowing Hair Loss Using Essential Oils

stop hair loss with essential oils

Hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from imbalanced hormones and stress to chemical damage to seemingly genetic factors. Fortunately, there is a chance you can stop hair loss and potentially regenerate new hair with essential oils and scalp massage.


"My hair loss has just really, really slowed! I went from losing about 100 hairs a day to 15 or 20... I am amazed because I am rubbing over a white comforter cover, and I have maybe six hairs fall out. If I did that 3 months ago, I would probably have 20 hairs fall out, so it's really slowed down!... My hair's growing a lot faster than it used to and I am slowly starting to get more hair, especially around my hairline. It's really exciting!" ~ Greta

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Buy OHN Hair Regeneration Essential Oil Blend

New Coffee Enema Essential Oil Blend

Our OHN Coffee Enema Essential Oil Blend is used in coffee enemas to increase glutathione levels even more than coffee alone is able to do. Glutathione reacts with free radicals (which cause cell damage) in the bloodstream and makes them inert. These neutralized substances are then dissolved in the bile, released through the bile flow from the liver and gallbladder, and excreted through the intestinal tract.

Our OHN Coffee Enema Essential Oil Blend also helps to stimulate liver cell function, optimize gallbladder function, stimulate the pancreas, support wound healing, remove petrochemicals, and support lymph drainage. Overall this oil blend enhances the action of the coffee enema and will balance the strong purgative effects of the coffee with its regenerative healing properties.

Buy OHN Coffee Enema Essential Oil Blend

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