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October 26, 2014
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Don't Have Time for the Enema Series?

Dear Kristina,

I took an enema series yesterday, and today my body feels like it could use another one but I simply don't have time to take the enema series today. What can I do?


Dear Deborah,

You can use a rectal suppository with Young Living's Purification, Tangerine and Geranium essential oils, 3-4 drops of each. You ought to find that this suppository recipe supports your body on those days you feel that you need a therapeutic colon cleanse but simply don't have the time to take the enema series.



After a few months of back orders, we announce that our extra large black butt-plug-type retention nozzle is back in stock. This enema retention nozzle is de
signed for the experienced user who needs a secure fit and size. 

Most enema users will find the Enema Retention Flexible-Inflatable Nozzle sufficient and won't need the extra large retention nozzle (pictured above). The Enema Retention Flexible-Inflatable Nozzle combines the comfort of a normal enema nozzle with the retention capability of a balloon-type inflation device. It is designed for one-time hospital use, but is used by the in-home enema user many times. (It will need replacing with frequent use.)

VIDEO: Enema Basics: Nozzles, Colon Tubes, and Lubricant
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What People Are Saying About Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health

Ten Days book cover

"My weight loss is doing well with the program you outlined for me. I have lost 44 pounds and I am continuing with the changes you proposed in your program." --- AL

"Not only have the enemas helped the eczema, but they have helped rid me of my bouts with acid reflux, which was keeping me awake several nights per week. In addition, I must add that the headaches, backaches, and constant tired feeling that I had believed to be just part of the aging process are nearly gone after six weeks of your programs of enemas and diet regulation." --- AMBER

"My appetite has improved to where I don't crave sweets and carbohydrates as prior to the colon flushes. Now I feel like getting out and doing things." --- CARL

"I bought the Vit-Ra-Tox Kit and I am on my third day of fasting. I am doing intense colonics on a nightly basis. I cannot believe what is coming out of just about every orifice of my body. I have heard about mucoid plaque but wasn't sure if it was true or not. Well, take my word for it: it is VERY true!! I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it." --- JOHN
Food Poisoning? What You Can Do
food poisoning
Food poisoning, also called food-borne illness, is caused by eating food contaminated with infectious organisms. Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and their toxins are the most common causes of food poisoning. Salmonella is a common example of food poisoning. Some people mistake mild food poisoning for the flu. 


Infectious organisms and their toxins can contaminate food at any point of processing or production. Contamination can also occur at home if food is incorrectly handled. Food poisoning symptoms, or signs of food poisoning, which can start within hours of eating contaminated food, often include nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Most often food poisoning is mild and resolves without treatment. However, some people find it necessary to go to the hospital.


Here is one person's story, sent to Kristina, of resolving food poisoning: 


enema coffee

"Hey, Kristina. Just wanted to thank you again for the 3-stage coffee enema protocol. I used some of our homemade beef broth in some soup last night and I speculate that it was too old even though it smelled and tasted okay. Well, it created some problems and this morning I did the enema protocol as well as adding Young Living Geranium Essential Oil to the coffee. I feel like a different person afterwards and am so grateful I have this knowledge and know what to do. Much appreciation!" ~ R.M.


You too can try the 3-stage enema protocol for any symptoms of food poisoning. R.M's experience is a common story I have been hearing from people over the years. Below are links to help you learn about Optimal Health Network's unique 3-enema protocol:

Young Living Essential Oils and "Disease Claims"

You may have heard about the recent letter sent by the FDA to Young Living regarding claims made by a few Young Living members. The claims of particular concern to the FDA were claims that implied that Young Living products may be effective in diagnosing, curing, or preventing the Ebola virus. With the spread of the Ebola virus in Africa and the recent case in Dallas, Texas, this topic is garnering a great deal of attention.

Young Living and the FDA are now requiring that all sources of information regarding Young Living oils do not make health-related claims that can't be backed up by FDA-approved scientific studies. Unfortunately, even though the scientific literature is full of studies showing the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, many of these studies aren't FDA-approved.

Young Living is working on an list of FDA-approved studies, but this list has not yet been released. In the meantime, the Optimal Health Network will be working on never claiming or suggesting that Young Living products can cure, alleviate, treat, prevent, or diagnose a disease, symptom, or injury. These types of claims are called "disease claims."

Conditions generally considered to be diseases include: colds, flu, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart attacks, HIV, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergies, tooth decay, impotence, seizures, asthma, attention deficit disorder, ulcers, burns, mild abrasions, bruises, scars, head lice, obesity, anxiety, and depression. Many, many others belong on this list, but there isn't enough space for all of them here!

View the full report from Young Living:
Sharing Young Living the Right Way

Choosing which oils are best for you and your family can be a difficult endeavor due to all the choices available.
I recommend that you spend some time researching for yourself. A great place to begin your research is the archives of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health at PubMed.

Here are some PubMed links that I have found useful in learning which oils to choose for myself and my family: If you need further support choosing which Young Living oils are right for you, please set up a consultation. We will use our collective experience of over 30 years of study and clinical practice to assist you to choose the Young Living essential oil protocol that provides ideal support for your body.

"Thanks for the practitioner discount. I refer all of my clients to this website only. Thank you, Kristina and crew. Your website is beautiful and continues to remain on my resource page."


"I feel like you are family. You are the best! Thank you!"

OHN client testimonials

"I am happy to report that my husband has been doing enemas daily and using the salve for his anal fissure and it's been a life saver."


"Thought you should know that I healed, but the original cause of the small fissure was a very bad case of pruritis ani. I've stayed on the coconut oil -- great stuff, and am feeling better every day. Also, I like your book, and all of this has been a huge call to action to take care of myself."

colon board
Colon Boards Discontinued

Optimal Health Network will no longer be offering colon boards or colon board tips. Our manufacturer has stopped supplying these colon cleanse products. Instead of finding a different manufacturer, we decided to no longer carry colon boards.

Over the years, hundreds of people who cleanse the colon have found that Optimal Health Network's 3-quart and 5-quart enema kits offer a complete colon cleanse when used with the enema series.

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