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March 26, 2014
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Spring Cleanse:
What Is
The Best Way
To Detox?
Spring is the perfect time to embark on a bodily cleanse or to detox your body. You detox your body for many reasons:
  • Detox to quit smoking
  • Detox to quit drinking
  • Detox to lose weight
  • Detox to improve your mood
  • Detox to increase your energy
  • Detox to improve your health
But, what is the best way to cleanse, or detox, your body?

Watch my How to Detox: Spring Cleanse video to learn more.
Use Essential Oils Instead of
Over-the-Counter Drugs

Young Living Essential Oils

You have a choice! Educate yourself on which essential oils you can try in place of common over-the-counter drugs. For instance, try lavender essential oil instead of Benadryl; peppermint instead of Tums; lemon instead of Pepto-Bismol.

Learn more 

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Individual Assessment:

You Can Heal!


Our saliva, stool, and hair tests are exceptional tools for developing individualized health programs. Together these tests assess adrenal stress, hormone levels, gut immunity, blood sugar metabolism, protein metabolism, thyroid function, tissue mineral levels, metal toxicity, gallbladder function, and gastrointestinal function and health.

At the Optimal Health Center, we have found that whether you want to monitor the progress of your colon cleanse program for detoxification, combat a chronic illness, or overcome hormonal imbalances and/or digestive disorders, these unique and accurate assessment tools provide you with a foundation to address your bodily needs with clinical accuracy. The HTMA and ASI and/or GIHP work best in concert and when taken continuously every three months.

All tests come with a consultation. If you prefer, we can assist you to choose which test is best for you via a consultation. We also offer consultations on customizing an herbal blend, customizing an essential oil blend, diet, nutrition, lifestyle, colon cleansing, whole body cleansing, fasting, and detoxification. We have worked with people around the world to improve their states of health and diminish the devastating effects of conditions such as anal fissures, irritable bowel disease, constipation, cancer, Celiac Disease, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivities, and many other ailments. We can also assist you to embark upon an in-home colon cleanse program, a raw food diet, hormone rebalancing, a detox diet, and/or a seven-day cleanse.

We specialize in helping you with what you haven't been able to heal, yet.
You can heal!

Scientific Literature Absolutely Does Support the Use of Enema Treatments

how to take an enema While it is true that the scientific literature is not considerable in terms of using colon cleansing, the enema, or the coffee enema for health benefits, you absolutely can find peer-reviewed, randomized, double-blind studies in the scientific literature that do support the use of enemas as an important therapeutic tool.

Some scientific articles even go so far as to say that by using therapeutic agents in the colon, such as butyrate, you can "enhance the maintenance of colonic homeostasis... by regulating fatty acid metabolism, electron transport, and oxidative stress pathways."

In this article, Butyrate-Induced Transcriptional Changes in Human Colonic Mucosa, published by PLOS ONE**, an international, peer-reviewed, non-profit online journal, researchers report that the enema is "a safe and reliable way to deliver a specific amount of substrate to the distal [descending/sigmoid] colon" and that "other techniques, such as oral intake of dietary fibers or encapsulated butyrate, do not allow to accurately target the distal colon." They go on to say that the enema was chosen as a delivery method of the butyrate intervention since "the incidence of carcinomas and diseases... of the colon is rising."

coffee enemas If I may transgress, I must directly speak to the Florida couple in the TV show My Strange Addiction who were "reportedly addicted" to the coffee enema, to ABC News, and to the medical doctor who was interviewed by ABC News for an article about the TV program:

Beyond the fact that scientific evidence does point to the enema as a safe and reliable way to deliver therapeutic substances, every day I receive phone calls and emails from clients who share that enemas, colon cleansing, and coffee enemas saved their lives. Every day. For 16 years now, I have heard the same stories. I know that my personal and professional experiences aren't the same as the scientific method, but in terms of human life, these stories matter.

It is wrong to use mocking of the coffee enema as a form of entertainment. Even the woman in the show said that the coffee enema allowed her to "live life for the first time in years." It seems obvious to me (but not in the way that the show presented it) that this person's experience of first using the coffee enema for a healing tool but later only as an addictive habit is just one person's story.

coffee beans Tragically, in the show and the subsequent reporting about the show, the Florida woman's story is used to speak to the very nature of the coffee enema itself: it is reported as if addiction is inherent in the use of coffee enemas. I doubt that this story is even about that woman's "addictive" personality. Perhaps these people are simply actors? To me, the pieces of the story don't fit together; there are numerous discrepancies. For instance, the article's title is, "Couple Addicted to Coffee Enemas, Up to Four Times a Day," but in the beginning of the interview, she says, "In a 24-hour period, I probably did 9 or 10 coffee enemas." At this point, her husband acts like this is a surprise to him. And this is a but one inconsistency among many.

This is a story ONLY for entertainment, a story that is being cloaked in an air of science by interviewing a medical doctor who obviously hasn't spent time thoroughly researching the enema before she comments. She says, "The bottom line is there is not any beneficial effect and there is some risk associated with any enema..."

Don't get me wrong. I adore entertainment. For instance, I love going to the movies. Just Friday night, I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel. Wes Anderson's second best movie ever. My favorite movie of his is Moonrise Kingdom.

But to scorn a healing tool, such as the coffee enema, as a form of entertainment crosses a line where entertainment is distorting reality in a way that interferes with people's lives. And, the fact that the producers and the writers went further to say that there is "no scientific evidence" of the enema as a therapeutic tool so that OTHER PEOPLE will become afraid of the enema is wrong. It is absolutely wrong.

What can those of us who know colon cleansing, enemas, and/or coffee enemas as invaluable healing tools do?
    buy enema kits
  • Spread the word! Share your stories! Talk to your friends, co-workers, and strangers on the street about what you are doing and how it is helping you.
  • Read the scientific literature to really back your practices. With your confidence, tell your doctor what you do. Bring your health practitioners the scientific research that you collect.
  • Support scientific research on colon cleansing, enemas, and coffee enemas.
  • If you'd rather remain anonymous, send your stories of healing to the Optimal Health Network where others can learn from you.
**PLOS ONE features reports of original research from all disciplines within science and medicine. By not excluding papers on the basis of subject area, PLOS ONE facilitates the discovery of the connections between papers whether within or between disciplines.
How to Optimize Your Prostate Health

prostate Good prostate health throughout your entire lifetime is achievable. Most people erroneously believe that prostate problems are as natural to aging as is gray hair.

Not true!!!

What can you do to optimize the health of the prostate and overcome BPH and frequent urination?

1. Take an enema series one to seven times per week.

2. Apply our Young Living Essential Oil Blend for excellent prostate health and overcoming BPH (Frankincense, Myrrh, Orange, Balsam Fir, Sage) directly to the prostate using suppositories.

essential oils for prostate health

OHN clients who use this dual healing and self-care prostate protocol experience improved prostate health and significant relief of BPH, frequent urination, and other related symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. With restored healthy circulation from in-home colon cleansing and implanting of the BPH treatment of essential oil suppositories, many men find that the prostate returns to full health very quickly.

Here I share the success story of one client who has worked with this healing program:

Relief from Frequent Urination

"Your how-to enema advice made taking a daily enema series easy as pie. Each night, after I did this, I then have used your essential oil suppository for prostate health and my benign prostatic hypertrophy, which my doctor told me was as natural to aging as gray hair. I didn't want to believe that - I am only 52 years old. After a week, I no longer was dealing with frequent urination. Now, three months later, I am still in great shape. I take a weekly enema and use the essential oil suppositories twice a week. Thank you. This is such a relief. I would wake up as many as 5 times a night to urinate. Now, after using your program, I sleep like a baby. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Believe me, I am telling all my friends - those who will listen, of course. It is kind of a touchy subject..." ~ Bob

Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) is an AVOIDABLE enlargement of the prostate gland. The prostate gland, (from the Greek prostates, literally "one who stands before", "protector", "guardian"), is a filter to protect the sperm from toxins. Yes, one of its main jobs is to collect toxins. Of course, after many years of its cleansing work, the prostate needs support to continue to filter toxins without losing all of its elegant functioning.

It is simple, easy, and effective to support your prostate so you don't develop BPH and experience all of its related symptoms like frequent urination, a sensation that the bladder isn't empty, a sudden need to urinate, and so forth.

Watch this video to see how another one of the Optimal Health Center clients healed from benign prostatic hypertrophy with our BPH treatments:


About the Optimal Health Network healing protocol for optimizing prostate health and treatment for BPH:

A blend of frankincense, myrrh, orange, balsam fir, and sage is used in a coconut oil suppository at night, ideally after taking an enema series. (Some clients have only used the suppositories with good results.) Delivering these essential oils via the colon brings their healing powers directly to the prostate, where they are most needed.

1. How to Take an Enema Series

A good enema program occurs when you are able to infuse enough filtered water into your colon to stimulate peristalsis throughout the entire colon, thus cleansing the entire colon. You take this by taking a series of three enemas.

2. Video: How to Make Essential Oil Suppositories

Essential oil suppositories are made with our 21-capacity suppository tray, coconut oil, and the essential oil blend of frankincense, myrrh, orange, balsam fir, and sage. Our suppository tray is rounded at the bottom to create easy-to-use coconut and essential oil suppositories for smooth insertion into the rectum. The design of this silicone tray also allows for easy removal of the suppositories from the tray.

Add liquid coconut oil into the bottom of each cup of the tray, solidify the cubes in the freezer. Once solid, add 5-6 drops of the essential oil blend, and then fill each cup to its top. Freeze again. Use suppositories, as needed, by inserting into rectum.

Some people may leak small amounts of oil. You many need to sleep on a Chux Pad or use a pad in your underwear. (Much better than surgery or cancer!) If you insert the suppository at bedtime, you ought to have less leakage.
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