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February 23, 2013
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Essential Oil Collection for Transformation

Essential Oils

Young Living's Transformation Essential Oils Collection is a limited edition of five motivational essential oils, hand-selected by Gary and Mary Young! Perfect for helping you reach new personal and professional heights.

Idaho Balsam Fir





Priced at $123.94, this is a $30 savings off retail value (limited stock of 8 kits).

All oils can be used internally. Rotate the oils in a nightly suppository or in a daily retention enema. Can also be rubbed on the back of the neck, as well as added to liquids throughout the day.

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frankincense against cancer

Frankincense: Could It Be a Cure for Cancer?

The scientific literature on cancer and frankincense is incredibly hopeful. International laboratory research has demonstrated frankincense essential oil's ability to shut down cancer cells without harming healthy cells...

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What is Mucoid Plaque and Why Is It Created?
eliminate mucoid plaque
The body creates mucoid plaque to protect itself from acids and toxic compounds such as drugs (especially aspirin and alcohol), table salt, heavy metals, chemicals, antigen antibody complexes, and the toxins produced by incomplete digestion and absorption of carbohydrates.

Mucoid plaque is associated with carcinomas of the lung, breast, ovary, and gastrointestinal tract. If you have mucoid plaque in your bowels, your body cannot function properly; coffee enemas won't be effective; optimal healing cannot occur.

The Optimal Health Network has developed 3 methods to effectively remove mucoid plaque from the colon. Each of these methods can work alone, but to gain the most benefit, work through the entire 35-day program laid out in Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health and take the Young Living essential oils specific to your individual needs. (If money or time are issues, start with one or two Young Living essential oils.)

Chorophyll Complex Enhance Your Coffee Enemas with Chlorophyll Complex

Coffee enemas work! However, when coffee stimulates your gall bladder to contract and release toxin-laden bile into the small intestine, if you don't provide the body with a binding agent before you take the coffee enema, you can end up reabsorbing toxins through the intestinal wall.

Chlorophyll Complex improves the effectiveness of a coffee enema by binding with toxins as they are released into the small intestines from the action of the coffee enema.

How to Use Chlorophyll Complex:

Take 5-10 chlorophyll perles 30 minutes before starting the enema. Take chlorophyll by placing perles in your mouth, biting down to extract the liquid, and then spitting out the perles. Take another 5-10 perles right at the start of your coffee enema treatment.

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Back in stock! Enema Retention Inflatable Silicone Double Nozzle 750ML

Enema Retention Inflatable Silicone Double Nozzle 750ML

The Enema Retention Inflatable Silicone Double Nozzle is made entirely of surgical grade silicone (made in U.S.A.). Silicone is the preferred alternative for those with latex allergies and sensitivities. Silicone is not affected by oils and lubricants. This product includes two inflator pumps and a #3 enema hose connector. 750 ml and 250 ml balloon capacities.

Purchase Enema Retention Inflatable Silicone Double Nozzle 750ML

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Educational Colon Cleanse Videos

View our videos on YouTube
All things enema and colon cleanse are finding themselves on YouTube.

Kristina continues to explore topics such as: How to Colon Cleanse: The Enema Series, How to Colon Cleanse with Essential Oils, Colon Cleansing Products vs. Enemas, and Cancer and the Coffee Enema. She even has a video she recorded for Oprah about the colon cleanse.

We suggest you watch all of our videos and share them with your friends! And expect many more videos to come. Do you have a topic you would like covered in a video? Let us know! Do you have an experience you'd like to share? Let us know!

Here are some of Kristina's latest videos:

How to Colon Cleanse with Essential Oils     Kristina addresses using Young Living essential oils in the colon cleanse and with coconut oil suppositories. 
Oprah and the Colon Cleanse    
Kristina addresses a statement made on Oprah.com about colon cleansing and encourages Oprah Winfrey to look into it more.
Where Do I Take an Enema?     
Kristina suggests several options to pick from when deciding on where to take an enema.
Cancer and the Coffee Enema   
Kristina describes the healing benefits of coffee enemas for people who have cancer or wish to prevent it.
Colon Cleansing Products vs. Enemas   
Kristina describes the benefits of using enemas to colon cleanse as opposed to oral products to which many people are intolerant.


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