Tips & Tricks 199.5
True Story of The Month
Boss: "How good are you at PowerPoint?"
Me: "I Excel at it."
Boss: "Was that a Microsoft Office pun?"
Me: "Word."
Boss: "I need Access to those files now."
Me: "Have you looked through your Windows?"
Boss: "What a great Outlook on life."

Microsoft Releases Office 2019
Microsoft today confirmed rumors of its release of Windows XI and Office 2019, not expected for another three years. The 2019 package includes a total overhaul of all Microsoft applications, and the complete suite of 2019 includes: Wurd, Xcel, PowerFleck, InLook, TwoNote, Vonage for Business, and a new browser called Internet Pathfinder, a much improved version of IE 16 (aka Edge). Also, the new Microsoft phone, Lumia 20507, is a fully integrated device that comes with every Office 366 subscription (Leap Years only). As a next-gen productivity platform, O2019 will be pushed out to all users with no advanced warning, and you will be billed accordingly. 
Apple Releases the iCar: A Fully Automated Vehicle

The Apple Car was unveiled on April 1, 2016 at a press conference attended by robots dressed as news reporters, at a nondescript warehouse outside of Apple's new headquarters. The "hundreds" of employees who have been toiling on this project were not in attendance. Photos projected from Android phones onto large screens showed the self-driving Apple car to be a type of minivan crossover. The Apple iCar will also come pre-loaded with Microsoft's Office 2019 suite of services, the first ever collaboration of its kind. Click here to read more
Auto Trainer ProPlus

This handy software system fields all Help Desk and Training related calls that slow down your day and prevent you from doing what matters most: shopping on Amazon! The Auto Trainer ProPlus SaaS program is a handy and inexpensive tool and it provides for automatic responses for questions such as:

  • How do I print to PDF?
  • How do I perform a simple search in Outlook?
  • Why is the bottled water just for clients?
  • How can I save an e-mail to the Document Management System?
  • I need to sign this document - can you please print it for me?
  • Do we validate parking?
  • How am I supposed to know about reserving a conference room!
  • Microsoft Word doesn't do what I need it to. Can you load WordPerfect on my machine?
  • Why do I have to learn name the application?? I NEVER use that! (add whining here)
  • I don't need training on Excel, just the formulas - do you have that?
And more! E-mail "AutoTrainerProPlus@SavvyTraining.Com" for more information. 

Savvy Training's Terry Aurit to Join the Cast of Dancing With the Stars, Season 342

In a web interview from an undisclosed location, the elusive Aurit stated, "It's about time those of us who never leave our home offices are able to participate in such an important competition." She went on to explain the unusual accommodations the producers made: "I've been promised that I can practice at home, in my pajamas, without any cameras. In exchange, I will be hosting a GoToMeeting session for the live show on Monday nights where I will describe the dance moves accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation. I encourage all of my friends and clients to vote for me!" 

If you are interested in voting, please click this link

Savvy Training Public Webinars

At just $399 each, Savvy Training Webinars are perfect for both individual and group instruction. All you need to join a Savvy Training Webinar is a computer (with a projector for larger groups), an internet connection, a telephone or Voice over IP, and a way to take notes (OneNote, for instance). 

Upcoming Webinars include:

Legal Tasks in Microsoft TwoNoteWednesday, 4/6, 3pm ET - 4pm ETJoin Savvy on a OneNote and TwoNote adventure as we explore ways to leverage technology to make your grocery list easier to manage. 
A Short Overview of MS Office 2019Friday, 4/8, 10am ET - 4pm ETA complete overview of MS Office 2019, and all of its various features and functions, and why you must have it now. 
GenX vs. Millenials: Thumb War Cage MatchSunday, 4/10, 9pm ET - 11pm ET

To register, simply email "" or register directly from the webinar link of your choice on the Savvy Website

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