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Paste Column Widths
Excel 2010 - 2013
Courtesy of Ben Kusmin at Excel Esquire 

Cutting and pasting data into a new worksheet can cause headaches because Excel defaults to the standard column widths even if the data being pasted doesn't fit into it.  Cells with text appear truncated, and those with numbers display ##### to indicate that the entire number can't be displayed properly.

Avoid this problem by clicking on the dropdown beneath the Paste button and selecting the icon for "Paste with Column Widths":

The KeyTips is Alt<H<V<W

Toggle Between Different Sessions of Outlook
Courtesy of Dan Bressler at Broad & Cassel 

Many people forget about this trick because it's a keyboard trick instead of a mouse trick. While in Outlook, you can quickly and easily switch between your email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes by using  CTRL + 1,  CTRL + 2, CTRL + 3, CTRL + 4, and CTRL + 5  respectively.

Removing Line Numbering

Word (2007 - 2013)

If you are working with a document that has line numbering and you need to remove the numbering, follow the steps below.

1. Click on the Page Layout tab.

2. Click on Line Numbers in the Page Setup group and then choose Line Numbering Options.

3. Click on Line Numbers.

4. Uncheck the Add line numbering check box.

5. Click on OK twice.

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  • Off-site hosting and 24/7/365 support provided by Savvy Training & Consulting.
  • Trackable, reportable data down to each individual user.
  • Access to a social network of subscribers who continuously discuss challenges, ideas and successes that they are facing in their firms.
  • Complete control and customization opportunities for trainers and administrators who need to tailor their continuing education to individual attorneys, from new hires to seasoned legal eagles.

We believe that SavvyAcademy is a glimpse into the future of what training will and should look like in the legal industry. Contact Doug Striker if you'd like more information about this innovative system.

Excel (2007 - 2013)

If you need to repeat text in a horizontal range of cells, follow the steps below.

1. Type the text that you want repeated in the first cell of the range.

2. Select the cells that you want to fill.

3. Click on the Home tab.

4. Click on the dialog box launcher in the lower-right corner of the Alignment group.

5. Select Fill from the Horizontal drop-down list.

6. Click on OK.

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Printing Document Properties

Document properties are used to identify items such as the filename, the author, dates associated with the document and statistics such as word and character counts. If you would like to print this information, follow the steps below.

1. In Word 2007, click on the Office button and then click on Word Options. In Word 2010 and Word 2013, click on the File tab and then click on Options.

2. Click on Display at the left side of the dialog box.

3. Check the Print Document Properties check box.

4. Click on OK.

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Outlook (2010-2013)
Creating Quick Parts


There is an easy way to store frequently used text to insert quickly into an e-mail.

1. Click on New E-Mail in the New group on the Home ribbon.

2. Click in the body of the e-mail and type the text that you want to store and then select the text.

3. Click on the Insert tab.

4. Click on Quick Parts and then choose Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery.

5. Type a name for the text and then click on OK.

6. To insert the text, click on Quick Parts and click on the text that you want to insert.

7. You can also type the first few characters of the quick part and press F3 to insert.

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