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Dear Friends,

Leading law firms succeed by knowing the status of their performance indicators, in real time.  To outpace your competitors, you should know yours.  Savvy can help.


It's a new year and a time for new growth.  In order to grow, you need greater visibility into your business.  We find that most firms are frustrated by a lack of business intelligence, an inability to easily identify which buttons need to be pressed in order to drive productivity.  And once you identify opportunities, how do you change your team's behavior? 


We believe a key to transforming your practice is business intelligence.  By harnessing your firm's data (i.e., billable hours, product deployment profile, financials, sales and marketing, etc.), and leveraging performance dashboards, you'll quickly go from a gut-driven, to a data-driven business.  The results in our experience are revolutionary. 


To help drive your growth in 2015 and beyond, Savvy Training is offering a free 1-hour consultation to the first 10 respondents to determine how you can achieve your highest-value business goals using business intelligence.  Give us a call at 303.800.5408 to discuss!



Doug Striker

Upcoming Webinars

Are you considering an investment in a Learning Management System? Recently, we have begun packaging the SavvySMART Content Library inside of a Learning Management System; a cost-effective way to host and deliver the content in a secure online format. That means that access to the content is now much more effective and can be utilized either as part of a regimented training program, or as a training resource employees can go to for information any time they need it. This handy resource can also be used as an effective response to help desk tickets.

Here is what they are saying about Savvy and the SavvyAcademy LMS:

"I have been watching Savvy Training's webinars and training content improve year after year, and with the addition of the LMS I knew we had to have it," said Maritta Terrell, Trainer and Application Support Specialist at Lloyd Gosselink. "We were seeking an LMS that would provide more opportunities for on demand end-user training. The Savvy Academy™ LMS provided a cost-effective solution that fit the exact needs of our firm."


"Savvy Academy™ made sense for us to implement," said Darryl Hendricks, Director of Information Technology at Preti Flaherty. "It is easy to use and understand and a very cost effective LMS. Savvy Academy™ will make it easier for our users to find learning content we already have, as well as make it easier for us to know what training people are doing."


 "Savvy Academy was a natural fit for the Training and Support initiative we began this year," said John Bonandrini, Director of Information Technology at Foster Swift. "The ability to tailor the vast array of content to our exact needs makes Savvy Training the perfect choice for us."


"We have had the opportunity to work with Savvy Training in the past, on multiple occasions, and they have always performed at the highest levels for us. In this particular case, we were under a time-sensitive deadline with the on-boarding of a significant group of attorneys in two separate offices and the holidays were fast approaching. I called Savvy Training, and within 3 days we had field support scheduled for both locations; their traveling classrooms in place and a contract for services signed," said Dean Seiveno, CIO at Fennemore Craig, P.C. "I knew from past experience that I could trust Savvy to perform, and am thrilled that they could help us with this training and floor support on such short notice."



And... Recent Savvy news from the Blog!


Key Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Business Intelligence through the Power BI toolset is affordable and easy to use because it is built on familiar tools like Excel, SharePoint, Office 365, Power Pivot, and Power Query. 


Power BI integrates with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, so it's easy to share business intelligence, improving accountability and decision-making across your organization.  And with the use of available public domain data sets, your internal business intelligence will have even greater context and value to your organization. 


Power BI allows you to gather and visualize data more easily than ever before. Using SharePoint 2013 Online, we can help you set up connections that persist, so that your insights are based on live data.  Additionally, you can combine data across business areas.  For instance, rather than just looking at sales data, you can view that data in relation to financial and operational data.  Also, Power BI for Office 365 means your BI is accessible through a browser, from any device. 


Savvy Training partners with you to leverage Microsoft business intelligence through Power BI. Our experts and developers work with you to customize a solution that transforms the efficiency with which you do business. And we are a full-service solution provider, from development, to deployment, to training and ongoing support. 


Savvy Training creates Affiliate Partnership with Platte River Networks to offer Hosted & Managed IT Services


Savvy has partnered with Platte River so that we can mutually offer training to IT clients and IT to training clients, thereby offering the best of both worlds. Savvy is proud to offer:

Proactive Maintenance Programs
  • Intuition: 24x7 Network Remote Monitoring, Maintenance, Troubleshoot & Fix
  • Bundled Managed Services: Antivirus, Off-Site Backup, Email and Web Security
  • System Optimization, Error Log Monitoring, Application Support & Updates
  • Backup,  Storage and Disaster Recovery
  • Critical Site Information and Network Documentation
  • Level I, II, III Help Desk and Desktop Support
  • 24x7 Remote and Onsite Support
Custom Projects
  • Design and Install Your Network and Infrastructure
  • Virtualization - Server Consolidation
  • Network Migrations, Upgrades & Replacement
  • Detailed Project Plans
  • Hardware Recommendations and Quotes
  • Time Estimates in Advance
  • Ongoing Maintenance Plan to Protect Your Investment
Project Types
  • Virtualization: Servers, Desktops, Applications
  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Cabling and Power Management
  • Rack Solutions, Cooling Systems and Physical Security
  • Wireless and Remote Access Solutions
  • On-Premise VoIP: Unified Messaging/Desktop Interface
  • Voice and Data Circuits: T1, VPN, DSL, MPLS, SIP

"Achieving Utopia: The Paperless Office" by Dan Bressler, Technical Trainer/Systems Engineer/Help Desk Support at Broad and Cassel 



We all know what this is... a folder filled with client documents.  Just one of thousands of file folders that are taking up an enormous amount of space in filing cabinets, in boxes, and in vacant offices.  Every day, we spend countless hours searching through paper files, looking for documents that we need.  And if the file isn't where it's supposed to be, that makes the scavenger hunt all that more difficult.


Today's technology provides a host of awesome tools allowing us to help reduce the amount of paper used, and as a result, allow us to find what we need quickly and easily without having to make a trip to the file cabinet... or that pile of boxes across the hall.  Every step towards a paperless environment will save you time, money, storage space and clutter.  So here are some tips to achieve the goal of becoming a paperless office.



So where do we begin?  First, let's turn the word 'paperless' around.  It should really say 'less paper' because let's face it... accomplishing this goal is achieved by using less paper.  The word paperless can be used to communicate awareness for helping the environment.  And even though that's a happy by-product of using less paper, that's not what we're focusing on here.  Our goal is to have one consistent and secure location where all client files can be stored electronically, and even shared with clients.  We already have the perfect solution readily available right at your fingertips...   NetDocuments.