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Business owners tend to shy away from Job Hoppers. Yet, new data suggests that job hopping is the norm and employers need to embrace the reality. Read on to learn more.

- Ann Clifford, President 

Dos & Don'ts    


If I don't normally run employment verification checks, should I do so when I consider a job hopper candidate?

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Job Hoppers - Just the FACTS


Job Hoppers have a bad reputation. According to, 43% of employers won't consider hiring people who change jobs often. Yet, would you rather hire LeBron James for one year or Homer Simpson for 4 years? Here are a few facts to consider before writing off all job hoppers:

  • Top Performers: 28 months is the average tenure for 30 year olds with great school and work credentials
  • The Norm: 45% of employers expect new college grads to stay less than two years (CareerBuilder.)
  • Accepted Practice: 55% of employers have actually hired a job hopper and 32% have come to expect workers to job hop.
4 Reasons Why Job Hoppers Are A Good Thing


According to Lou Adler (an internationally known talent management guru), top performers may frequently move on for new challenges, but the short-term gain that they provide may make hiring them worthwhile. Here are four reasons why "Job Jumpers" (as Lou likes to call them) are a good thing:

  1. Job jumpers bring best practices and knowledge of your competitors.
  2. Job jumpers are adaptable; they learn and build contacts quickly.
  3. Job jumpers may have a broader functional perspective.
  4. Short-term excellence is better than long-term mediocrity.
Hiring Tip 

Ask candidates for the name of their prior bosses. Then ask, on a scale of 1-5, how would their prior boss rate their performance.

Answer to Today's Dos & Don'ts

"If I don't normally run employment verification checks, should I do so when I consider a job hopper?"



When performing background checks of any kind (including employment verifications), it is best practice to be consistent. Consider running verifications on all potential hires or on select positions within your company. Without consistency, your company could potentially set itself up for a higher risk of discrimination suits.
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