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With the unemployment rate continuing to decline, it's taking employers longer to fill their hiring needs. Read on for tips on why your Job Descriptions may be the problem.

- Ann Clifford, President 

Dos & Don'ts    


Will excluding compensation from my job postings affect response results?

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6 Reasons Why Job Descriptions Fail to Attract Top Talent?


HR Managers love job descriptions. Unfortunately, standard job descriptions are written from a compliance and legal perspective and should never be used in a job posting.  Why? Here are 6 reasons why your Job Descriptions fail in the hiring process. 

  1. Too much legal mumbo jumbo.   
  2. Boring standard content.
  3. Confusing company or industry jargon.
  4. Lack of company vision or accomplishments.
  5. Vague description of job responsibilities and career path.
  6. No compensation details.
Dump Job Descriptions for Job Marketing Profiles


If you want to attract top talent, you need to think like a marketing guru. Use descriptive words to paint an attractive picture of your company and the work that the person will actually do. Create Job Marketing Profiles that are written from a candidate perspective. Here are four essential elements of a Job Marketing Profile that will improve the effectiveness of your job postings.

  • What will they do?
  • What will they learn?
  • Who will they work with?
  • What will they earn?
Hiring Tip 

Top talent like to accomplish things.  According to Lou Adler, author of the Amazon top 10 best seller, Hire with your Head, the best interview question of all time is, "What is your greatest accomplishment?"

Answer to Today's Dos & Don'ts

Will excluding compensation from my job postings affect response results

Jobsite estimates that the drop off rate for job ads without salary details is between 25-35%. Another study by SMART Recruit Online supports similar results revealing that job ads with salary details will get 30% more applicants.  An Adzuna study found that over 50 percent of employers in the U.S. do not publish salaries in their job postings.  There may be several reasons why a company may not reveal compensation, yet they risk losing out on quality candidates with a 30% drop in response rate. 

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