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DISC is a popular behavioral assessment used by many companies as a pre-employment tool. Read on to learn how to identify the four DISC styles with people and positions.


                                                    - Ann Clifford, President  
Dos & Don'ts    


Should I disregard a candidate based on his or her DISC style?

                       (Answer provided at the end of the newsletter.)


Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?

You probably understand yourself well enough to know if you are an introvert or extrovert.  Yet, how can you tell the difference in others?  This is one of the easiest distinctions to recognize in a first meeting, such as an office interview or even a phone interview. 
  • Extroverts are a D-style or I-style DISC personality. An extrovert is a better talker than a listener. They enjoy small talk and social interaction, and feel comfortable around almost anyone. Their body language is typically open and relaxed.
  • Introverts are an S-style or C-style DISC personality. An introvert is a better listener than a talker. They prefer 1:1 interaction with people they know well. Their body language is typically closed on first meetings.
DISC Styles and Their Common Positions

Professions have a DISC style and people tend to gravitate to jobs that match their personal DISC style. If you hire someone whose personal DISC style does not match the position, it could be a recipe for disaster. Although people can successfully work outside their comfort zone, it requires far more energy and over time the individual could suffer burnout. Here are examples of common positions and their most related DISC style.

  • D - Results-driven (Business Managers, Entrepreneurs, Sales)
  • I -  People-oriented (PR, HR, Recruiters, Marketing)
  • S - Routine-oriented (Admin, Customer Service, Production)
  • C - Procedure-driven (Accountants, Engineers, Architects)
Hiring Tip 

According to Lou Adler, best-selling author of "Hire with your Head", the best interview question is "What is your greatest accomplishment?"  A candidate's response will tell you a lot about the behaviors they value the most and consequently can reveal an indication of their DISC style.

Answer to Today's Dos & Don'ts

"Should I disregard a candidate based on his or her DISC style?"


Not necessarily. Assessments are only one piece of the evaluation process. No position or individual is just 100% one style. We are a blend of all 4 styles. So, you need to fully understand the style of position and the candidate to determine if there is a fit. Wide variances might be a deal breaker, yet try to keep an open mind for minor variances. We recommend that candidates complete a DISC assessment before an office interview. This allows the interviewer to have a better understanding of their behavioral strengths and weaknesses which can be addressed in the interview

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