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It is a candidate employment market and employers are scrambling to get a competitive edge.  Read on for tips on how to adjust your hiring game plan when candidates have the upper-hand. 


- Ann Clifford, President 
Dos & Don'ts    


"If an employee quits with a two week notice, do you have to employ them for the next two weeks?"

                       (Answer provided at the end of the newsletter.)

3 Negative Effects of a Tight Market


The tides have turned and it is now a candidate employment market. Companies are competing for talent and are finding that their top candidates are receiving multiple offers. A recent Monster survey indicated that it is taking up to 65% longer for companies to fill positions. Here are a few pitfalls that may occur when hiring for a difficult-to-fill position.

  • May have to pay more for quality candidates.
  • May have to settle for junior level or "B" candidates.
  • May need to expand your recruiting budget.
  • May over-stress existing staff while positions go unfilled.

4 Recruiting Tips in a Tight Market


Companies that are experiencing growth may not have the luxury of waiting to hire until the ideal candidate surfaces. When hiring the ideal candidate seems impossible due to a limited market supplyadjustments may be necessary in your search parameters. Here a few recommendations for positions that must be filled.

  1. Start your search 90+ days before required start date.
  2. Adjust job requirements to fit available talent pool.
  3. Expand your sourcing strategy.
  4. Improve the quality of your job marketing material.
Safari Interview Tip: 

When interviewing a candidate who was recently laid off from their previous employer, ask "Were others laid off and can you tell me why you believe you were selected?"  The candidate's response may provide a clue whether their performance was a contributing factor.

Answer to Today's Dos & Don'ts  


"If an employee quits with a two week notice, do you have to employ them for the next two weeks?"



There are no laws requiring an employer to honor an employee's two-week resignation notice. An employer is free to accept an employee's resignation and make it effective immediately. Yet, depending on the position and quality of the employee relationship, you may want to honor the notice. This promotes goodwill and gives you more time to hire a replacement. If the situation warrants immediate release, you may do so, yet you may want to pay the employee for the two-week period to avoid a possible unemployment claim.

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