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Technical skills are often the primary requirements that hiring managers seek when recruiting new employees.  However, soft skills may make the difference between good and bad performance.  Read on for ideas on evaluating the right soft skills.   


- Ann Clifford, President 
Dos & Don'ts    


"Should a company perform assessments before or after a candidate is interviewed?"

                       (Answer provided at the end of the newsletter.)

3 Keys to the Right Soft Skills


Soft skills, non-technical competencies such as critical thinking, communication, emotional intelligence, and integrity are essential to job performance success. To determine which soft skills are most important to a specific position, first consider the following:

  1. Type of Position: Strategic or tactical?  Manager or non-supervisory? 
  2. Company Culture: Innovative, Quality, Accountability, Pace,
    or Team?
  3. Stage of Business: Entrepreneurial with rapid change or
    mature with standardized processes and procedures?

Warren Buffet's Top 3 Soft Skills of Great Talent


You have probably heard the adage, "Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills." What the saying is really prescribing is that soft skills are absolutely essential for high performance in the work place.


Warren Buffet's top 3 soft skills: 

  1. Intelligence - Critical thinking & Emotional intelligence
  2. High Energy - Initiative & Attitude
  3. High Integrity - Work Ethics
Safari's personal favorites are Ambition & Drive, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Determination.  Similar theme as Buffet's, yet expressed in in different terminology.
Safari Interview Tip: 

Ask a candidate during an office interview, "Describe a situation when your communication skills resulted in an achievement that otherwise would not have happened?  And, when did something not work out well due to communication issues?

Answer to Today's Dos & Don'ts  


"Should a company perform assessments before or after a candidate is interviewed?"  


Whether to assess before or after an interview depends on the position, the volume of qualified applicants, and the type of assessment used. Assessing before interviews can save hiring managers time and energy by eliminating mismatched candidates early.  However, if the position is more senior level and the assessment takes a considerable amount of time to complete, you may want to conduct a brief interview first to build rapport with the candidate.  Then follow-up with a second interview with assessment data in hand. 

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If I had to pick just two soft skills that can make or break an employee's success, I choose "critical thinking skills and "communication skills." Combine them and you have a recipe for success . . . 


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When assessing candidates, what is the #1 soft skill employers desire?


A.  Analytical

B.  Communication

C.  Teamwork

D.  Technical

E.  Work Ethic


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