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Our 4-part DISC series was popular, so we decided to run a fifth issue summarizing the four DISC styles.  Common characteristics of each style and its related hiring results are discussed below.   


- Ann Clifford, President 
Dos & Don'ts    


"Should office managers assist in making cold calls?"


                       (Answer provided at the end of the newsletter.)

How to Identify Style in an Interview


A candidate walks into your office for a first interview.  What are clues to their behavioral style based on this first introduction?  Opening greetings are a first clue.  Dominant Directors (D) will look you in the eye and give you a firm handshake. Influencers (I) will be animated and talkative.  Steady Relators (S) will give you a warm, friendly smile and may compliment you.  Cautious Thinkers (C) may appear timid and may ask you a question.  Next, listen for the types of questions a candidate asks during the interview.      

  • D - "What" needs to be accomplished?  (Results-driven.)
  • I  - "Who" is on the team?  (People-oriented.)
  • S - "How" stable is the organization?   (Routine-oriented.)
  • C - "Why" is the position relevant? (Procedure-driven.)

Writing Style Tells All

Our clients know that we ask viable candidates to complete a questionnaire.  Not only do we learn answers to important questions (i.e., why did you leave your last job), we also learn about their communication style by the "way" they respond.  Here are tips on identifying an individual's style by their writing samples:

  • D - Brief, direct answers (I was recruited to lead a project.)
  • I - Inspiring answers (I wanted to try something new.)
  • S - Supportive answers (I wanted to work on an organized team.)
  • C - Procedure driven answers (I was challenged to install a new system.)
Safari Interview Tip 

The best interview question is "What is your greatest accomplishment?"  A candidate's response will tell you a lot about what they value the most.  An individual's values can trump their behavioral style in many situations.  Thus, knowing a candidate's DISC behavioral style is just one piece of the puzzle in evaluating a prospective employee.

Answer to Today's Dos & Don'ts  


"Should office managers assist in making cold calls?"  


Office managers tend to be high S and Cs, generally with low D characteristics.  This is generally not a good recipe for productive cold calling. In fact, cold calling could scare the heck out of your office manager.  However, they might be OK with calling existing customers to share information about a new product or service.  For best success, be sure to match an individual's behavioral style with the task's behavioral style. 

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