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Greg   Tameria

SalesScore: 89


Industry: Technology 

Experience: 10+ years

Territory Size: National 

Sales Production: $100K+

SalesScore: 93  


Industry: Manufacturing 

Experience: 10+ years

Territory Size: State 

Sales Production: $1M+


SalesScore: 92  


Industry: Chemical   

Experience: 10+ years

Territory Size: Multi-State

Sales Production: $500K+

SalesScore: 86


Industry: Manufacturing   

Experience: 10+ years

Territory Size: State

Sales Production: $1M+

Why is the SalesScore™ approach different from other search firms?

We understand the risks involved in hiring sales professionals. Thus, we are willing to share the risk with you. We use a modified retained approach that brings the best of "retained" and "contingency" search methodologies together. At a fraction of the cost of expensive 25-30% search fees, SalesScore™ is the ideal solution for companies that need to hit home runs with their sales hires.

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