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Tapping into your network for referrals is an excellent way to find potential employees.  However, a referral does not guarantee a good hire.  Read on for interview tips to avoid hiring mistakes.


- Ann Clifford, President

Dos & Don'ts    


"Should I complete background checks on candidates who are referred by a trusted source?"


                       (Answer provided at the end of the newsletter.)

4 Best Interview Tips For Referred Candidates


Often hiring managers fail to conduct due diligence on referred candidates.  Perhaps we assume that a referred candidate is more trustworthy and likable if referred by a friend or co-worker, yet that is not always reality.  Best practice is to evaluate referred candidates just like all other candidates.  In fact, be more thorough because if a hiring mistake is made, you certainly won't enjoy telling your referral source that you fired his friend!


Best Practices:

  • Interview - Conduct a 2nd interview by someone who does not know the referral source. 
  • Assessments - Verify behavioral style and skills to ensure job fit is a match.
  • Background - Perform a national criminal report and consider running a credit report.
  • References - Talk to at least three professional references that you do not know to get an objective viewpoint

3 Reasons to Expand Beyond Your Network


Small business owners often hire initially from their personal and professional network.  Yet as the business grows, their network may not produce enough qualified candidates, particularly for roles with well-defined criteria.  There is an abundance of statistics that support that referral candidates are better hires, yet it solely depends on the quality of your network.  Large corporations have vast networks so candidate referral programs work well for them.  Here are 3 reason why smaller companies struggle with finding quality referral candidates.

  1. Network Size:  Too small and not deep enough.
  2. Time Trade-off:  Sales calls preempts recruiting calls.
  3. Evaluation Mistakes:  Fail to conduct due diligence.
Safari Interview Tip 

Ask candidates, "What do you know about the position that you are interviewing for today?" This will help you address any misperceptions and avoid unrealistic expectations.

Answer to Today's Dos & Don'ts  


"Should I complete background checks on candidate who were referred to me?"



Yes, it is very important to be consistent when conducting background checks.  Candidates should be evaluated the same regardless of the source.  You also need to be consistent with how background information is used.  If your policy is not to hire someone with a certain type of criminal conviction or credit history, you should not make an exception because the candidate was referred by someone you trust.

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