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The Pegasus Project is changing lives every day for horses and humans by fulfilling our mission to rescue and rehome neglected animals. We completely depend upon your continued generosity to keep the operation going. To assist in our fundraising goals, Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) is sponsoring North Texas Giving Day on September 22nd. 

Members of the Pegasus board of directors and a group of our oh-so-awesome core supporters are providing matching funds for gifts made in connection with North Texas Giving Day. Our Matching Donors will match EVERY gift made on September 22nd dollar-for-dollar up to $35,000!

In addition, The Pegasus Project will receive extra bonus funds from CFT for each donation of $25 or more made on Thursday, September 22nd. More than $2 million in bonus funds are available to qualifying nonprofits! (Gifts of less than $25 are welcome and appreciated but not eligible for bonus funds.) 

With the bonus funds from CFT and our core supporters' 1:1 matching funds, donations totaling $35,000 will turn into more than $70,000! So, please mark your calendar for September 22nd, save your pennies, and plan to donate generously! 

Also, every donation made to Pegasus through the North Texas Giving Day website on September 22nd helps our chances of winning additional money. Prizes will be awarded throughout the day ranging from $500 to $5000! With more than 70 total prizes being awarded, our chances to maximize your gift are great.

By visiting between 6am and midnight (Central Time) on September 22nd and donating $25 or more, you will make a tremendous impact on the work Pegasus can do. You can give securely from your computer, smart phone or mobile device. With your help, we WILL reach our $75,000 fundraising goal!

If you are in the area, please stop by The Forge in Ben Wheeler, Texas on September 22nd starting at 5pm. We will have a "donation station" set up and can assist you in making your donations. The Forge is partnering with Pegasus to offer specials and do some donation matching of its own. Come on out for some drinks and fun and help us celebrate the day!

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~I Am Legend~
Milagro (1983 - Sept 2, 2016)
On September 2, 2016, we said good-bye to the horse who inspired the formation of The Pegasus Project. At the time of his death, Milagro was a sweet and gentle 33-year-old stallion. This rare Canadian Hackney was the epitome of style, grace, forgiveness and strength. Our hearts are broken over his loss, but we take great pride in having had the honor to share our lives with this spirited creature for his last seven years. 

When Milagro came to Mike & Allyson DeCanio in May 2009, he was a mere shell of the glorious horse he had once been. At 26 years of age and more than 300 pounds underweight, many thought he was a lost cause. But Milagro's eyes told the DeCanios otherwise. His miraculous recovery led to his name (Milagro means "miracle") and to the founding of The Pegasus Project. Having witnessed first hand what proper care and a lot of love can do, the DeCanios began this mission. Because of Milagro, hundreds of horses have been rescued and returned to their full glory. 

Thank you, Milagro, for teaching us to never quit. You will live in our hearts forever. 

We encourage you to take a look at Milagro's journey. To read his full story and view his photo album, click here: MILAGRO

Milagro upon arrival at Pegasus - May 2009

Milagro in all his 33-year-old glory - April 2016

A Parting Thought . . . 
Chelsea spending Milagro's last moments with him. 

A Note from Allyson
Love and Loss
We have lots of hard days around here. With 40+ horses on the ranch and five different veterinarians in my speed-dial, hard days are a given. But, September 2nd, the day we lost Milagro, was one for the record books. 

Watching an animal you love suffer tops the list of negative experiences. The feelings of helplessness and uncertainty about what to do can be crippling. It's times like these that you must dig deep to find the strength and courage to do what's best for the animal, putting aside your own emotions. It's not easy, but it's necessary. 

With Milagro, his pain came on suddenly and unexpectedly. One minute he was fine, and the next he wasn't. The entire staff sprang into action, and after consulting with our veterinarians, we decided together what was best for Milagro. All indications were a tumor was impinging his gut, resulting in uncontrollable pain. We could not allow his immense suffering to continue.  

Our collective hearts broke as we watched this tough old horse fight back the pain. We all stayed with him, and we all cried together as we laid him to rest. We found comfort in knowing that we had rescued him from a life of misery. We found solace in knowing that he had been immersed in our love for the last seven years of his life. We found strength in each other. 

If you find yourself in such a situation, listen to your vets, surround yourself with others who love the animal, and trust your instincts. Then, allow time to heal your broken heart. 

Allyson DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project
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