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As you know, The Pegasus Project is changing lives every day for horses and humans by fulfilling our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, retrain and rehome neglected, abused and abandoned horses throughout Texas. To continue this work, we depend upon the ongoing generosity of our supporters. To assist us in our fundraising goals, Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) is sponsoring North Texas Giving Day on Thursday, September 22nd. Each donation of $25 or more made to The Pegasus Project on September 22nd will help us receive extra bonus funds from CFT for our work with the horses. More than $2 million in bonus funds are available to qualifying nonprofits! 

In addition, every donation made to The Pegasus Project through the North Texas Giving Day website on September 22nd helps our chances of winning prizes given throughout the day ranging from $500 to $5000! With more than 70 total prizes being awarded, our chances to maximize your gift are great. Last year, because of our generous donors, Pegasus was the recipient of a $2000 prize! 

In addition, members of the Pegasus board of directors and other generous donors will be providing matching funds for gifts made in connection with North Texas Giving Day. With the bonus funds from CFT and these matching funds, your gift of $100 will turn into more than $200! So, please mark you calendar for September 22nd, save your pennies, and plan to donate generously!

By visiting the Pegasus link between 6am and midnight (Central Time) on September 22nd and donating $25 or more, you will make a tremendous impact on the work Pegasus can do. With your help, we WILL reach our $75,000 fundraising goal on North Texas Giving Day! These funds will go directly to the care, support and training of the remaining nine horses of the Phoenix Herd and the additional 30 rescued equine currently residing at the Pegasus ranch.  

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August Update
Baby Faith has arrived!
Lots has been going on with the Phoenix Herd! For those of you not familiar with their story, click here to read all about them before proceeding: Phoenix Herd link.

After much anticipation, on July 2nd Dolly finally gave birth to her baby, Faith. Faith is happy and healthy and is quiet a little spitfire! The Mathson family is thrilled with their new addition, bringing their Pegasus adoption head count to five! Pegasus horses Gracie, Dixie and Tig welcome the addition of Dolly and Faith to their happy herd.  

With the arrival of Faith, our Phoenix Herd donkey count is complete. Dolly, Faith, Reba, Patsy, Willie Jr., and Miranda are all safe and sound in their forever homes. Mission "donkey rescue"  accomplished!

On July 11, the two mama mares from the Phoenix Herd, Shelby and Alex, were transported along with their babies from Bruce Logan's ranch in Loving, Texas to the Pegasus ranch in Murchison, Texas.

Jax, Alex, Scout & Shelby arrive at Pegasus

Now that Bruce has the mares halter broke, we will take over their training from here. Scout and Jax will be ready to be weaned off their mothers within the next few weeks. Once Alex and Shelby are fully recovered from nursing, we will start their saddle work. Bruce's vet estimated their ages at 4 and 5 years respectively, good ages to begin their training. 

The remaining five members of the herd are still with Bruce. Ernest the mule is settling down a bit since being castrated, and Bruce hopes to have him ready for his foster home by the end of August. 

Ernest, all slicked out and testicle-free!

The four remaining horses, Summer, Sky, Abbey and Indigo, will stay with Bruce Logan until they can accept being handled. All four mares are still very flighty and distrustful. It will take time for them to understand that no one is going to hurt them. We shall keep you posted on their progress with Bruce. 

Thanks to all of you who have contributed and continue to contribute to the care of this herd. We are committed to them for as long as it takes to prepare each and every one of them to be forever partners for their perfect adopters!

A Parting Thought . . . 

A Note from Allyson
Redefining the "rescue" horse
Over the past few weeks, we have had a lot of action at the ranch. Multiple prospective adopters have come out to meet our horses and give them a try. We are extremely proud of our animals, and they are proving to be as good-minded, well-trained, and well-mannered as we expected. We currently have five adoptions pending, and we have adopted out more horses to date for 2016 than we adopted out all of last year. Our tireless dedication to these horses is paying off. 

Part of our mission is to help people rethink how they view rescue horses. The images that often come to mind when one hears "rescue horse" include unruly, unwanted, poorly bred, dangerous, bad-minded, untrainable, unhealthy, etc. Any horse that ends up in the wrong hands can manifest negative behaviors. And almost 100% of horses that end up in the right hands can shed their past mistreatment and become safe, loving partners for the right person. The key is proper handling and TIME. 

One of our adopters told us that several of her horse friends expressed disgust at the thought of her visiting a rescue to look for her next horse. This really hurt my heart. Far too many people do not realize that the vast majority of all horses, including "rescue horses," are diamonds waiting to be polished. Most people have no idea that horses finding themselves in need of rescue come from all walks of life. Show horses, race horses, cherished family pets, experienced ranch horses, highly bred performance horses, and unregistered horses with hearts of gold and outstanding temperaments. 

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