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JULY 2016

Pegasus horse, Blue, with a young admirer at 
"Wings Over Pegasus"

ASPCA "Help a Horse Day" Contest

We are thrilled to announce that, for the second year in a row, The Pegasus Project is the recipient of a $10,000 grant awarded by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in connection with its "Help a Horse Day" contest. This annual, nationwide competition provides a platform for equine rescue groups to raise awareness about the work we do to save and care for at-risk horses.  

As part of the "Help a Horse Day" contest, we raised money throughout the month of April, with the celebration culminating on April 23rd at our Wings Over Pegasus aviation event. The Pegasus Project competed with more than 180 other equine rescue groups throughout the nation. Contestants were judged on the creativity of their events, as well as success in engaging their local communities. With more than 600 people in attendance at Wings Over Pegasus, our organization made an excellent showing! We capped off our "Help a Horse Day" efforts by hosting Microchip Madness on April 26th. That campaign resulted 104 equine, 13 dogs, and 5 cats receiving low-cost microchips. 

Thanks to the hard work of our staff and volunteers and the loyalty of our generous donors, we raised more than $20,000 at Wings Over Pegasus alone. Total funds raised throughout the month of April exceeded $56,000 and we received gifts-in-kind of more than $10,000! We also got the word out about Pegasus and elevated our profile to a national audience. Chalk up another win for the Pegasus horses!

To view all of the awesome photos from Wings Over Pegasus, click here: Wings Over Pegasus album

July Update
Dinner time!
Lots has been going on with the Phoenix Herd! For those of you not familiar with their story, click here to read all about these horses before proceeding: Phoenix Herd link

All five of the miniature donkeys are in their permanent homes. Baby Patsy is thriving, and she and her mother Reba love their new lives. Dolly is still holding out on having her baby, and the Mathson family is getting impatient waiting for its arrival! Willie, Jr. and Miranda are still on the road to recovery and are doing great with their adopters. Willie, Jr. has now been castrated and within the next month or so, he and Miranda will be turned out together on their lovely pasture with a family of longhorns. 

The remaining members of the herd are still with Bruce Logan at his ranch in Loving, Texas. Thanks to Bruce, Alex and Shelby (the mares with foals on their sides) are halter broke and sufficiently manageable. Now that their feet are trimmed and they are vaccinated, Alex and Shelby will be coming to the Pegasus ranch, along with their babies, Jax and Scout. We will continue ground work with these mares and babies to prepare them for the weaning process. 

Ernest the mule can now be haltered and lead . . . sort of! This 2-year-old intact male was quite full of himself and was in dire need of castration. Bruce's veterinarian paid a visit on July 1st and relieved Ernest of his testicles. As a result, we expect life will soon get better for Ernest and everyone around him. Once Bruce has a better handle on him, Ernest is slated to come to Tyler to be fostered by Ute Mack, who will continue with Ernest's ground training.

The four remaining horses, Sky, Summer, Abbey and Indigo, will stay with Bruce Logan until they can accept being handled. All four mares are still very flighty and distrustful. It will take time for them to understand that no one is going to hurt them. We shall keep you posted on their progress with Bruce. 

Thanks to all of you who have contributed and continue to contribute to the care of this herd.

To view the Phoenix Herd's full photo album, click here:  Phoenix Herd

Our Little Bay Beauty
Rain - just being beautiful

Meet Rain. She is the second baby born out of the Jacksonville herd we seized in June of 2011. That herd consisted of five pregnant mares, one young filly, two stallions, and a jack donkey. All were terribly neglected. Rain's mom, the beautiful Paint named Sunshine, was pregnant when we rescued her. Fortunately, we had nine months to get Sunshine nice and healthy before her baby was born. Sunshine delivered Rain on the stormy morning of March 20, 2012. From the looks of her, we are certain that Blazer is Rain's father. 

Sunshine was an awesome mother, and she raised a very sweet little filly. Rain started off quite shy, but over time, she grew into a loving, trusting little girl. She had a great time as a baby, growing up with Audrey, Little Bear, and Bobby. We gave Rain plenty of time to develop, and when she turned 2 1/2 years old, we started her saddle training.

Don Knapp started Rain, and after he had her going well, Dale Kahl took over her training. They both really love this filly. She is smart, willing and athletic. She's confident under saddle, and we've been very pleased with her progress. Although she's not very tall, about 14.2 hands, she's stout. "Built like a brick house," Don says. Rain is going to make someone a really nice little horse. She's been good-minded since day one and does whatever is asked of her. 

Rain is available for adoption to a person experienced enough to keep a young horse's training going. At 4 years old, Rain is ready for her perfect partner to come along.

To view Rain's full photo album, click here: RAIN

If you are interested in applying to adopt Rain, we would love to hear from you. Start by reviewing our adoption process by clicking Adopt, and submit your application today!

A parting thought . . .

A Note from Allyson
The Phoenix Herd
the continuing story
Over the next several months, we will dedicate our "In Horse Heaven" column to updates regarding the Phoenix Herd. As most of you know, this is the story of fifteen abandoned equine from Wood County, Texas. The court awarded this herd to The Pegasus Project in April of this year, thereby straining both our resources and our sanity to the brink! But, when we saw a pasture scattered with the bones of dead horses and abandoned horses with severe injuries, newborn foals, and more babies on the way, we could not turn away. 

We trusted that you, our loyal supporters, would step up and that miracles would happen. Guess what? We were right! Since accepting this herd, Pegasus was awarded a $5000 grant from HSUS for their care, and we won the $10,000 grant in the ASPCA "Help A Horse Day" contest. To date, we have received $4700 in ear marked donations, including having gained new monthly donors specifically in support of the Phoenix Herd. In addition, Kathie and Gary Heidenreich of San Jose, California have pledged $15,000 to support this herd through their initial recovery and training! Words are insufficient to express our gratitude. 

Interest in the Phoenix herd is high, and we shall do our best to keep everyone posted on the development of these animals. Given their youth and feral status, the journey certainly will be long and likely arduous. And let's not forget the other thirty horses, donkeys and mules on the Pegasus ranch, all of whom still require our continued attention, care and training. Whew!!

Despite the challenges we face, I remain sure of one thing. We shall get through this together. Thank you to our  loyal and loving Pegasus family.  
Allyson DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project
Send email to: [email protected]

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