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MARCH 2016

Pegasus Mini Clinic - March 26th
Teach your horse to catch you!

Do you have trouble catching your horse in the pasture? Does he turn tail and run when he sees you coming? Does he dart away just as you are about to put on his halter? Would you like to improve your skills to catch ANY horse? Well, we have the clinic for you! 

On Saturday, March 26th, the Pegasus staff will teach a mini-clinic to share "catching" concepts we learned in our years of studying natural horsemanship. We will help you learn how to teach your horse to catch you! This one-day clinic, which includes lunch, will be packed with information and fun. 

You can bring your own horse or work with ours. Auditors are also welcome to attend. Even if you are not currently having issues catching your horse, you will learn principles to improve your horsemanship and develop skills to assist your journey with all horses for years to come.

This clinic will be limited to ten (10) students and ten (10) auditors. Sign up today to ensure your spot!

Click her for full details and to register: Catching Clinic

The Miracle Who Started It All
Milagro is now 33 years old!
In April 2009, before The Pegasus Project existed, Allyson DeCanio was contacted by the Humane Society of East Texas regarding twelve neglected and starving horses. At the time, Allyson was an attorney in private practice who owned four horses of her own. Her friend, Deborah Dobbs, was the attorney for the Humane Society of East Texas, and the organization only dealt with dogs and cats. They didn't know what to do with a herd of mistreated horses, and so they contacted Allyson since she was a horse lover and lawyer. Working with the Smith County District Attorney's Office, Allyson and Deborah succeeded in seizing all twelve horses. Following litigation and an appeal, the horses were awarded to The Humane Society. The mares and geldings were adopted by Camp Tyler, a children's camp. However, no organization was prepared to accommodate the special needs of two severely malnourished stallions. Consequently, Allyson and Mike DeCanio took them in, and the seeds of The Pegasus Project were planted!

Milagro (which means "miracle") was one of those two stallions. Under the DeCanios' care, Milagro and the beautiful gray Arabian, Romeo, each gained more than 300 pounds and began thriving. Caring for these two magnificent creatures motivated the DeCanios to start The Pegasus Project. In October 2009, the they purchased a 95-acre ranch near Ben Wheeler, Texas in order to provide a proper facility from which to operate. In March 2010, the DeCanios registered Pegasus as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit horse rescue. We haven't looked back since!

Milagro came to us severely malnourished and neglected. In 2009, he was 26 years old and had lived virtually unattended in a stall for years. His feet had become severely malformed, and he was standing in his own feces up to his hocks and knees. Due to lack of food, he had eaten all the wood off the walls of his barn stall. His hip bones protruded through his skin, and his eyes could not stand the light of day. As it turns out, Milagro is a rare Canadian Hackney. Only a handful of these horses currently exist. This rare gem had belonged to a man who loved him dearly. But when his owner died, he made the mistake of entrusting Milagro to the wrong person. 

Within a few months, we were able to totally rehabilitate Milagro's body and spirit. His playful and loving personality emerged. Due to his advanced age and his very sweet nature, we elected to keep him a stallion rather than risk the perils of castration surgery. As a result, Milagro will live out his days in sanctuary at the Pegasus ranch, as it is against our policy to adopt out a stallion. 

Because of Milagro, The Pegasus Project was born and hundreds of horses have been saved as a result. He has taught us much and has been an inspiration to our mission in many ways. Over the past 7 years this special horse has made a great impact upon countless lives, both human and equine. He is a happy, healthy 33 year old gentleman, and we love him dearly. We expect Milagro to be with us for many years to come.

To view all of Milagro's photos, click here:  Milagro

From Kill Pen to Heaven on Earth
Dale and Cheyenne on her first ride out
Cheyenne and her baby mule, Sioux, were brought to our attention on February 11, 2015. They had been purchased by a kill buyer at an auction in Missouri and were shipped to a kill pen in Oklahoma awaiting transport to Mexico for slaughter. Well, we couldn't allow that to happen! So, we paid their bail money, and our dear friend, Kensee Davis, undertook the day-long odyssey of getting them to the Pegasus ranch. They arrived the evening of February 13, 2015 and have been under our care for the past year. After a few months, we got Sioux weaned and put mama and baby in different pastures. They are both doing very well.

In early 2016, after allowing Cheyenne to get well-settled, Dale started working with her to determine her training level and her trainability. We decided that she had never been started under saddle, but she was willing and agreeable. Our dentist aged Cheyenne at 15 years, and despite getting a late start in life, Cheyenne is well-mannered and loves attention. She has proven to be a quick learner and has taken to saddle work like a pro. We expect that with a few more months of training, Cheyenne will be ready for adoption. Dale is working to build her confidence on the trail. Cheyenne is lovely with other horses and is a very kind mare. She is a great horse. We know her perfect person is out there and that some lucky adopter will find her soon. We adore this sorrel beauty!

To view Cheyenne's full photo album, click here: Cheyenne

If you are interested in applying to adopt Cheyenne, we would love to hear from you. Start by reviewing our adoption process by clicking Adopt, and submit your application today!

A Note from Allyson

Kill Pens Explained

This past month, one of our veterinarians was out on a farm call, and I mentioned that the horse he was examining had been rescued from a kill pen. He looked at me and said, "What's a kill pen?" It was a stark reminder that many people in the horse industry and many who love horses dearly do not realize what is going on in the ugly world of horse slaughter. 

In a nutshell, a kill pen is a holding facility where horses are temporarily housed prior to being shipped to Mexico or Canada to slaughter. The conditions are often abysmal, with horses packed into dirty, unsanitary, muddy pens for days or weeks on end. Terrified horses that do not know each other are forced together into small spaces, often resulting in fights and injuries.
Horses at a kill pen
Many of these horses are picked up by "kill buyers" at horse auctions. When you take your horse to a sale, or sell your horse on Craig's List, unless your horse sells for a price exceeding meat prices, chances are a kill buyer is bidding. He purchases horses cheaply, houses them en mass at a kill pen, and then crams as many as he can fit into a semi for the long, horrific and inhumane haul to the border.   

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