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Custom made saddle by Mike Corcoran Saddlery

Pegasus Ranch - Sunday, November 29th

We have found that getting the right saddle is one of the most challenging issues for all horse owners, including our adopters. Too few people understand the importance of proper saddle fit and even fewer recognize a proper fit. We have invited Mike Corcoran of Mike Corcoran Saddlery to conduct a highly informative saddle fitting clinic at the Pegasus Ranch.  

Mike, who operates out of Justin, Texas, has been a saddle maker and fitter for more than 20 years. He has worked in England with some of the finest saddle makers in the world. Mike is an avid horseman and has ridden his entire life in a variety of disciplines including dressage, jumping, eventing, reining, cutting and mounted shooting. He has a deep understanding of the conformation of the horse as well as the rider and how conformation pertains to saddle fit. 

Mike will begin by using a couple of Pegasus horses to demonstrate the basics of saddle fit. He will have a variety of trees, both English and western, to serve as teaching tools. He will also demonstrate the use of thermography in evaluating saddle fit. After the demonstration, he will do individual saddle fittings for clinic attendees and their horses. Mike will work with you with a variety of pads to improve the fit of your current saddle. He can also flock English saddles to ensure a better fit. 

This clinic will be held from 10am to 5pm on Sunday, November 29th. For further details and information on how to register click here: 

~Angelic Aspen~
Click HERE to watch video of Aspen
and her adopter Lori Klinger
Meet Aspen! In August of 2014, we were called about an older pony (Cheeto) needing rescue in Edom, Texas. It turned out that he was sharing space with a young miniature mule also in need of rescue. The Pegasus Project agreed to accept both animals, and on August 7, 2014, we brought them to our ranch.

Aspen is a solid white miniature mule who was born in July 2013. Prior to coming to Pegasus, she had never been handled and was a bit on the feral side. With a lot of love and attention, we were able to build some trust. Aspen remained quite reactive and skittish, but we were able to halter and lead her. Despite her skepticism, over time we could vaccinate her, draw her Coggins and worm her. Aspen also began standing to have her feet trimmed with a patient and kind farrier.

Since this little jewel needed lots of time to adjust to life with humans, we moved really slowly with her. We knew she needed an adopter to devote a lot of time and patience to her development.

In July 2015, Pegasus supporter Lori Klinger adopted our miniature donkey Jackpot, but Jackpot turned out to be too rough with Lori's two geldings. As a result, she very reluctantly returned him after 6 weeks of trying to let them settle. Since her horses wouldn't put Jackpot in his place, the little stinker kept getting more and more aggressive in his play. After returning Jackpot, Lori wanted to give another mini a try. So, she came to visit with Aspen on August 22, 2015, and it was love at first sight! Lori took Aspen home with her that day, and it has gone great! Aspen loves her new home with Lori and her two gelding buddies, Mackie and Jake. Lori has spent a lot of time with Aspen, and her skittish ways are melting away. Lori now has a little white shadow. She has changed her name to Stella. We LOVE it!!

To view all of Aspen's photos, click here: ASPEN

Trouble With a Capital "T"
Jackpot - Before and After

On April 17, 2014, we were sent pictures of a miniature jack donkey chained to a concrete block. He was reported by a kind-hearted girl who said he was getting loose from a neighbor's property and getting into fights with another jack. So, his owners put a heavy chain around his neck and tethered him to the block. We immediately began making arrangements to pick him up. Fortunately, the owners agreed to relinquish him to us. On April 23, 2014, we were finally able to make room for him at our ranch and traveled to Kemp, Texas to save him. Jackpot turned out to be a very sweet, people-oriented, 5-year-old miniature jack who has now been castrated. Other than battle scars and wounds, he was in good shape.

Because Jackpot had been a stud who only knew fighting, his journey to life as a gelding in the company of other equine was not without its challenges. Jackpot experienced a couple of tussles before he was able to understand that he doesn't HAVE to fight. We eventually paired him with a bossy mare named Hope, and she kept him in line. They have grown quite fond of each other.

Pegasus supporter Lori Klinger spotted Jackpot on our Facebook page and fell in love with his "doe eyes." On July 9, 2015, Jackpot went to his new home in Aubrey, Texas with Lori. He loaded in the trailer like a champ and headed to meet his two new Quarter Horse gelding brothers. Unfortunately, Jackpot played too roughly with Jake and Mackie and after about 6 weeks of turmoil, we advised Lori to bring him back to Pegasus. He's back in with Hope, and we are having no trouble with him.

Jackpot will need to go to a home where he can share space with other donkeys or horses that are confident and don't tolerate fools. We love our little jester, but he needs to be in with animals that will keep him in line. We know his perfect home is out there somewhere!!

To view Jackpot's full photo album, click here: JACKPOT

If you are interested in adopting Jackpot, we would love to hear from you. Start by reviewing our adoption process by clicking Adopt, and submit your application today!

A Note from Allyson

Revisiting Premarin

In our July 2015 eNewsletter, I addressed the issue of Premarin. Premarin is a hormone replacement therapy drug manufactured by Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories / Pfizer and used by many women going through menopause. The main ingredient, as few of its users know, is urine from pregnant mares. I discussed the tremendous suffering experienced by the mares and their foals exploited by this industry. (The July eNewsletter can be viewed by clicking HERE).

Following that column, I was contacted by a friend who wanted to produce a fun yet informative video for internet distribution to heighten the awareness of consumers. It is important for people to recognize the horrors associated with the manufacturing and use of Premarin. That video, starring Pegasus' very own Alyssa Rome as a horse-loving super model, can be viewed below.

Just say NO to Premarin

Please take a moment to watch the video and then SHARE with all your friends. We'd ask that you post the video on your Facebook wall and ask your friends to do the same. Let's do everything we can to help put an end to this cruel and senseless abuse. 

Allyson DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project

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