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The Pegasus Project is changing lives every day for horses and humans by fulfilling our mission to rescue and rehome neglected animals. We completely depend upon your continued generosity to keep the operation going. To assist in our fundraising goals, Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) is sponsoring North Texas Giving Day on September 17th.

Members of the Pegasus board of directors and a group of our oh-so-awesome core supporters are providing matching funds for gifts made in connection with North Texas Giving Day. Our Matching Donors will match EVERY gift made on September 17th dollar-for-dollar up to $20,000!

In addition, The Pegasus Project will receive extra bonus funds from CFT for each donation of $25 or more made on Thursday, September 17th. More than $2 million in bonus funds are available to qualifying nonprofits! (Gifts of less than $25 are welcome and appreciated but not eligible for bonus funds.) 

With the bonus funds from CFT and our core supporters' 1:1 matching funds, donations totaling $20,000 will turn into more than $40,000! So, please mark your calendar for September 17th, save your pennies, and plan to donate generously! 

Also, every donation made to Pegasus through the North Texas Giving Day website on September 17th helps our chances of winning additional money. Prizes will be awarded throughout the day ranging from $500 to $5000! With more than 70 total prizes being awarded, our chances to maximize your gift are great.

By visiting between 6am and midnight (Central Time) on September 17th and donating $25 or more, you will make a tremendous impact on the work Pegasus can do. You can give securely from your computer, smart phone or mobile device. With your help, we WILL reach our $50,000 fundraising goal!

If you are in the area, please stop by The Forge in Ben Wheeler, Texas on September 17th starting at 5pm. We will have a "donation station" set up and can assist you in making your donations. The Forge is partnering with Pegasus to offer specials and do some donation matching of its own. Come on out for some drinks and fun and help us celebrate the day!

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The Real Horse Whisperer
Dane under saddle  - November 2014
Dane is a gelding we spotted at the Rusk County Sheriff's holding pen on March 24, 2014. He was found running as a stray and went unclaimed. He had saddle sweat marks on his back when he was picked up, and based upon the story he told us, he had not been treated kindly. Dane had major trust issues and reacted strongly to many things human, including swinging ropes. His spirit was shy and tender, and he needed lots of time to trust again. We began working with this big boy to let him know that he never needed to fear humans again.  We chose the name Dane because it means "strength." We knew immediately that this beauty was going to be really special.

For the next five months, we gave Dane lots of time to find comfort in his surroundings. He became more loving, trusting and curious. We basically allowed him to just be a horse. Don began working with him with ground driving and saddling. Dane became easy to catch (he started catching us!), and we could groom and fly-spray him at liberty, which was unthinkable when he arrived. He was the immediate leader of this herd, with all of his pasture mates idolizing him. 

Within 8 months, Don had Dane going under saddle. Dane proved to be a beautiful mover and a horse eager to learn and retain his training. The trust building was paying off!

Fourteen months after his arrival at Pegasus, Dane was ready. A friend of Pegasus referred a very accomplished horsewoman, Kristin Van Hauen, to us who had been looking for her next "horse of a lifetime." Kristin's gelding of many years was approaching 30 and was no longer rideable. She spotted Dane on our website and asked if she could meet him, although he was not yet up for adoption. Kristin had been into horses her whole life and had trained dozens herself. But most importantly, Kristin was quite and kind and had a very gentle way with horses. We realized quickly that she was Dane's kind of girl. She came to the ranch in May 2015 to meet him, and then returned in June 2015 to ride him. The bond was evident and the match was a good one.
On July 11, 2105, Dane left for his forever home in Magnolia, Texas to join Ivan, Kristin' s gelding. The Pegasus crew cried buckets of tears together. Tears of sadness and tears of joy. Our hearts ached to see Dane go, but we were thrilled that he was going to such a fantastic home. This soulful horse will offer Kristin a lifetime of love. We look forward to following their journey over the years to come. 

Some folks talk about "horse whisperers," people who speak the silent language of the horse. Well, Dane is a horse who speaks to humans. Actually all horses do, most of us just don't listen or can't hear them clearly. But with Dane, everyone who met him heard him. He put pictures in our heads and stories in our hearts. Love wins.

To view all of Dane's photos, click here: DANE

She's As Fine As Wine!

Joey is a 10-year-old bay Quarter Horse mare who was rescued by Don Knapp as a yearling. Joey sustained an injury to a front hoof, most likely stepping on some sort of spike that punctured deeply. Joey developed a sever infection which damaged her coffin bone and the integrity of her entire hoof structure. Rather than allowing the owners to put her down, Don took Joey, and she has lived with his herd ever since.

Due to Don's current health issues, Pegasus has accepted Joey and will care for her while we work to find her a loving, forever home. (She arrived at the ranch on August 2, 2015). Despite her deformed hoof, Joey is pasture sound. She gallops around with the other horses as if nothing is wrong. X-rays revealed complete bone fusion inside her damaged hoof, and as a result, Joey will need to remain a companion-only horse.

Joey is a beautiful and highly bred horse out of excellent cutting lines. She is the daughter of Paddys Irish Whiskey. Joey has excellent manners - she loads easily, stands tied, stands nicely for the farrier, and stands at liberty for grooming and fly spray. She is friendly and loving toward people, and she gets along well with her pasture mates. Joey is an all-around nice girl, and she will make the right person an amazing companion.

To view Joey's full photo album, click here: JOEY

If you are interested in adopting Joey, we would love to hear from you. Start by reviewing our adoption process by clicking Adopt, and submit your application today!

A Note from Allyson

Gratitude for our Family

No matter how I try, I feel as if I can never adequately express my heartfelt appreciation to the Pegasus supporters. When I say "we could not do this without you," these are not hollow words. We literally COULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU. Whether you are an annual big-money donor, a modest monthly donor, a not-so-modest monthly donor, an event sponsor, or someone who just gives when you can, each and every one of you are part of the Pegasus family and are crucial to our success.  

When I say "our success," I mean our collective success. "Our" includes "your" because Pegasus does not exist without you. And by success, I mean saving lives! Success is preventing a horse from starving to death. Success is snatching a horse from the slaughter pipeline just in the nick of time. Success is turning a distrustful, dangerous animal into a kid's horse. Success is providing a haven that allows a horse all the time he needs to figure out that he's safe. These are the things we accomplish day-in and day-out with YOUR money. YOU ARE PEGASUS!  Be proud of that fact and take ownership in these successes.

Sometimes I feel the need to apologize for our constant plea for funding. And then I remind myself that those of you who give do so because you want to. You do so because you are dedicated to this mission and you want this work to continue. So, I'm going to stop feeling bad about it and just keep asking! 

As The Pegasus Project continues on this journey into the future, the sad truth is that that there will always be horses whose lives depend upon us. Because of your ongoing support, love and dedication, we plan to be there for as many of them as possible. Together we will continue to make a difference in many a horse's life. Thank you for supporting this work and being part of the Pegasus family. 

Allyson DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project

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This month's Pegasus Partners Happy Hour is open to EVERYONE! We are celebrating North Texas Giving Day and will be at The Forge starting at 5pm. We will have a donation station set up, and The Forge is offering specials to all Pegasus supporters. Come on out and help make the day amazing. If you aren't currently a member of our Happy Hour Club, it will be a great time to join!

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Charity Trail Ride

NOVEMBER 7, 2015
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Food by Rowdy Taco
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