MAY 2015

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It's time for our 4th Annual Pegasus Project "Ride for a Rescue," Saturday, June 6, 2015, at the beautiful Miars Arabian Ranch in Murchison, Texas. Bring your horse and join us for a full day of horse fun! We will explore the ranch on a nice, easy-paced, guided ride through wooded trails and along open hay meadows. Following the ride, you can test your horse's skills on a fun obstacle course for prizes, or just relax and enjoy complimentary drinks. Lunch will be catered by Rowdy Taco, and we encourage non-riders to come and enjoy the day with us. (This event is limited to 50 riders so register today!) For more details and to register, please click here:  RIDE FOR A RESCUE

~Jasper's Big Day~
Jasper with his adopter, Sandy Seaton
On Saturday, we said good-bye to a long-time Pegasus favorite. Jasper was one of the stars of Wings Over Pegasus, our annual aviation extravaganza. For hours, Jasper stood patiently, wearing a flower-laden halter, while dozens of kids finger-painted his entire body. Jasper didn't blink an eye, even with airplanes, helicopters and sky-divers swirling around overhead! He's a special horse who has finally found his perfect partner. 

After eight months of sponsorship to ensure the match was right, Sandy Seaton of Plano, Texas adopted Jasper. Following his going-away ceremony at the close of the Wings Over Pegasus festivities, Sandy loaded Jasper in her trailer and took him home. Jasper joins Pegasus horse, Mira, who was adopted by Sandy's daughter, Avery, a year ago. We love multiple adoption homes here at Pegasus! It confirms that we are doing a good job for the horses and for the families who adopt them. 

Jasper's journey has been a long one. As an emaciated 2-year-old, he was rescued by the SPCA of East Texas in August 2011, along with five other starving horses. Pegasus agreed to accept Jasper into our program, and from day one, he was easy to handle and a dream to be around. Under saddle for the past three years, Jasper proved to be a very nice horse. So now, at the age of 6 years, Jasper was ready to leave the nest. 

At Pegasus, we keep horses as long as necessary to build the confidence and skill they need to become lifetime partners for their new adopters. It is not uncommon for us to train horses for 2-3 years before their adoptions. Making that right match is our number one priority.

To read Jasper's full story and to view the photo album of his journey at Pegasus, click here: JASPER


Meet Aspen! Last August, we were called about an older pony (named Cheeto) needing rescue in Edom, Texas. It turned out that he was sharing space with a young miniature mule also in need of rescue. The Pegasus Project agreed to accept both animals, and on August 7, 2014, we brought them to our ranch.

Aspen is a solid white miniature mule who turned one-year-old in July 2014. Prior to coming to Pegasus, she had never been handled and was a bit on the feral side. With a lot of love and attention, we have been able to build some trust. Aspen is still quite reactive and skittish, but we can halter and lead her. Despite her skepticism, we were also able to vaccinate her and draw her Coggins. Aspen will stand to have her feet trimmed with a patient and kind farrier. 


This little jewel needs more time to adjust to life with humans. Her adopter will have to devote a lot of time and patience to her development. Aspen is very safe to be around and is curious and playful. She is currently sharing a paddock with a pony and miniature donkey (Big Ben and Isaac), and she loves them both. She bosses poor Isaac around, but Big Ben has her number! Aspen has stolen our hearts, but this little darling needs a family of her own.

To view Aspen's full photo album, click here: ASPEN

If you are interested in adopting Aspen, we would love to hear from you. Start by reviewing our adoption process by clicking Adopt, and submit your application today!

Welcome to this month's edition of Trainer's Corner, featuring Don Knapp, Pegasus' head trainer. Pegasus is proud of the work Don and staff trainer, Dale Kahl, do for our horses. We actually like to refer to Don and Dale as "horse developers" because that's what we do here - we develop the horse. We don't "break" colts, but rather work gently with them to develop their natural talents.

This month's video -  Don will demonstrate tying a variety of knots. It's not uncommon to see people with their horse's rope halters tied incorrectly or with their horses tied to a trailer or rail in an unsafe manner. Watch this video to learn a few methods to keep you and your horse safe when tying.


Don Knapp Mini-Clinic

 Sunday, May 17th

"Trouble-free trailer loading"

Come join us at the Pegasus Ranch for this trailer-loading clinic. Don will demonstrate by loading a variety of horses, including two pre-selected horse belonging to clinic participants. Each student will get the opportunity to load horses with Don's assistance and instruction. Limited to 10.


This clinic is free for Pegasus Partners at the $100+/month level and just $100 for everyone else. Lunch included!


Click HERE for more information and to register.


A Note from Allyson

Creative Fundraising

I spend a significant part of my time contemplating creative ways to raise money for Pegasus. I have become shameless with my "ASK" because it is on behalf of the horses. We are the voice of the voiceless. Rescuing, rehabilitating, and retraining of horses is an expensive proposition, and while Pegasus is blessed with many generous donors, the quest for funds to care for the horses and to pay our hard-working staff never ends.

The directors of The Pegasus Project strive to make the funding of this mission as fun and painless for our donors as possible! Pegasus Partners is a year round program to encourage supporters to become monthly donors, with cool benefits including exclusive happy hours. Our spring event, Wings Over Pegasus / Help A Horse Day, allows family fun with horses and airplanes and is one of our top fundraisers each year. Ride for a Rescue, our annual trail ride, is always a big hit. And this year, we are adding an October 30th event, The Cowboy Poet Roundup with Juni Fisher, a nice, sit-down dinner with a cowboy poet, top western singers, and our oh-so-popular silent auction.

Now, thanks to the excellent work of director Mike DeCanio, We are spreading our wings a little further to distribute two products we strongly believe in and have used at the ranch since the beginning. Pegasus loves Ritchie waterers and Hay Chix hay nets! As a result, we've made arrangements with the manufacturers to allow us to sell these products at a discount to you, with all profits benefiting the Pegasus horses! We currently have a variety of their products in stock. Coming soon to our Shop Pegasus page! Until we get the products posted, please contact us by email or telephone if you'd like to place an order. 
So, next time you hear your friends talking about hay nets or needing to install an automatic waterer, which happens to horse people all the time, do a little fundraising yourself, and send them to Pegasus. They will receive a discount for these awesome products, and the Pegasus horses will get the proceeds. It's a win/win for everyone!

Allyson DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project

Send inquiries to:


Thursday, May 7th 
5:30 pm
DeCanios' front porch
Pegasus Ranch

Monthly, fun, information-packed meetings for Pegasus supporters at various locations throughout the year. All Pegasus Partners at the $25/month level and higher are Happy Hour members. Membership includes a car decal, a Pegasus hat or t-shirt, a Pegasus logo wine glass and an open invitation to every meeting! Discuss the latest Pegasus news and connect with other like-minded horse fans. (Your wine glass is free, but the wine isn't! We know how much you drink!)

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Charity Trail Ride

JUNE 6, 2015
Miars Arabian Ranch
Murchison, Texas

Food by Rowdy Taco
Complimentary Drinks
(beer, wine, water and soda)

Poker Run Prizes
Horse Contests & Games
Raffle for iPad Air 2


All proceeds benefit the horses of
 The Pegasus Project

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