APRIL 2015

Airplanes, Helicopters, Hot Air Balloon & Horses!

Join the fun & help Pegasus win $10,000 in grant money!!

Greetings horse lovers! We are ramping up for "WINGS OVER PEGASUS," our annual airplane extravaganza, held here at the Pegasus ranch. We are hosting this aviation event on Saturday, April 25th* to coincide with The Association for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) "Help A Horse Day," a nationwide celebration that allows The Pegasus Project to compete for $10,000 in grant money to assist with our efforts to protect horses. We are pulling out all the stops, and we are counting on YOU to make this day a huge success and help our horses win those funds!


Wings Over Pegasus will feature a variety of airplanes and helicopters. The Experimental Aircraft Association/Young Eagles Program will offer a limited number of free airplane rides to kids ages 8-17. The day will be a casual, carnival atmosphere with a hot air balloon, skydivers, fun horse-themed games, arts and crafts, and competitions for the whole family. Guests can visit with the Pegasus trainers and staff to meet, pet, finger-paint, and learn about the horses and get information regarding adoption and sponsorship opportunities. The SPCA of East Texas will also be on-site with a variety of adoptable dogs.


You do not want to miss out on these amazing opportunities:

  • EAA Young Eagles airplane rides for kids 8-17 (must register between 9am & 10am for chance to win - names will be drawn randomly at 10:15am)
  • Raffle drawing for two round-trip tickets on Southwest Airlines
  • Photo opportunity with "Pegasito," the winged-donkey in his kissing booth
  • Face painting
  • Horse poop roulette (2 winners - each gets a free helicopter ride!)
  • Ping-Pong ball drop (1 winner gets a free helicopter ride!)
  • Photo opportunities in a hot air balloon or with a cool airplane

Admission is free! Food, refreshments, and participation in activities and games are available for purchase, with all proceeds benefiting the horses of The Pegasus Project. 


For full details click here: WINGS OVER PEGASUS


*Back-up rain date is Sunday, April 26th!

~Golden Girl Kate~
Kate - Before & After
Kate is a palomino Quarter Horse mare, who was used as a baby-making machine and then tossed aside. After receiving a complaint through the SPCA of East Texas in September, 2010, The Pegasus Project teamed with the Wood County Sheriff's Department, obtained a warrant, and seized her. Kate was in very poor physical condition, but she remained very sweet, and her spirit was alive and well. Standing at 14.2 hands, she was over 300 pounds underweight. Her pelvis was collapsed from over-breeding and malnutrition. Fortunately her rehabilitation was completely successful, and she returned to her full beauty.

Kate quickly became a Pegasus favorite, and we would have been happy to allow this sweet twenty-something-year-old mare to live out her days with us. But, along came the fantastic Claire Gilmore, who saw that magic inside of Kate and wanted to give her the lifelong home she deserved. In February of 2012, Claire adopted Kate, and she will live out her beautiful life surrounded by her pasture mates, Angel, Belle, and Mylo, all rescue horses. Sweet Kate belongs with Claire, but she will always have our hearts.

To view all of Kate's photos, click here: KATE

"I may be young, but I'm awesome"

Tig is a 3-year-old Paint gelding who we had our eye on for almost 2 years prior to his rescue in March 2014. For his entire life, Tig's owners kept him in a small pen with no shelter. They were feeding him, but he had no interaction with other horses, no shelter, and no enrichment of any kind. In the winter, he would stand alone, depressed, with ice cycles hanging from his fur. Since Tig wasn't "skinny," local law enforcement would check on him periodically, but they were unwilling to seize him despite a multitude of complaints from concerned neighbors. 

After more than a year of watching this horse suffer, a good Samaritan, who could no longer stand it, contacted us and offered to pay the owners to relinquish the horse. Due to the persistence of these good people and Pegasus, the owners finally relented, and we picked up the horse and took him into our program. Tig's guardian angels (Marshall and Becky Till), agreed to sponsor Tig and cover the cost of his care, rehabilitation, and training until he is adopted by his forever family. 


Over the past year, Tig has proven to be a solid-minded young horse. He took to training like it was nothing. He is totally trusting of humans and confident in every situation. He accepted the saddle, the rider, and the bridle as if he was born to it. He has been ponied from other horses, and he has served as the pony horse. He crosses streams, tracks through the woods, and trots across open pastures, never missing a beat. To be so young and to have such limited experience, Tig is not spooky. It's rare to have a colt so comfortable in his own skin!


We will continue with Tig's training, and we are confident that he will just keep getting better. Anyone interested in adopting him needs to realize that as a 3-year-old, his continuing development is crucial. Tig is off to an awesome start, but he is still a colt, and young horses need continued guidance, training and good leadership. He is playful, mischievous, and sometimes a bit naughty. So, he needs gentle correction and proper guidance to continue forming into the good citizen he is becoming. That being said, we are certain that Tig is going to be nothing short of a superstar for some lucky adopter!


To view Tig's full photo album, click here: TIG

If you are interested in adopting Tig, we would love to hear from you. Start by reviewing our adoption process by clicking Adopt, and submit your application today!

Welcome to this month's edition of Trainer's Corner, featuring Don Knapp, Pegasus' head trainer. Pegasus is proud of the work Don and staff trainer, Dale Kahl, do for our horses. We actually like to refer to Don and Dale as "horse developers" because that's what we do here - we develop the horse. We don't "break" colts, but rather work gently with them to develop their natural talents.

Each month we present these videos as models of our training techniques. Our goal is to provide you with an understanding of our methods. While we all can improve our skills with horses by growing and learning, please recognize that to properly start a horse takes special talent and years of experience. Recognize your limitations and be safe. Hire a professional when an animal is beyond your skill set!


Gus' first ride
Gus' first ride!

In this month's Trainer's Corner, Don puts his first ride on Gus. Gus is a 12-year-old mule we saved from loading onto the slaughter truck in Oklahoma just in the knick of time. He came to the Pegasus ranch with an injured eye and a wounded spirit. It was clear that Gus had not been treated kindly in the past. He was confused, distrustful and depressed.

Because of his eye injury, it was necessary for Allyson to catch him twice per day to provide the care he needed. Initially, Gus would charge Allyson with pinned ears and a dropped, threatening shoulder. However, within just a few short days, he realized that there is nothing but love here. All of his anxiety and resistance melted away, and he met Allyson at the gate, morning and night, calling out to her. 

Gus' eye healed, and Don began working with him. He has proven to be willing and kind. Gus has clearly been ridden, but his training leaves much to be desired. Don is working to rid him of braces and teach him all about softness. Gus is an eager student, grateful to finally have someone offer him a kind hand. Keep your eye on this gentle giant.


To view Gus' full photo album, click here: GUS


A Note from Allyson

ASPCA Help a Horse Day/ Wings Over Pegasus

At The Pegasus Project, we can never get away from the hard, cold truth that to do this work takes money . . . a lot of money! On any given day we have anywhere from 30 to 40 horses on the ranch, each needing feed, hay, medical care, training, grooming, cleaning up after, etc. Our dedicated staff gives these animals the care and attention they deserve, and every ounce of effort we put in comes back ten-fold when we watch the lives of these precious horses, donkeys and mules transform. 

On average, the monthly cost to provide full care to a horse is $300, and this excludes training costs! So, anytime a chance arises for us to WIN money for the horses, we jump at it. Such an opportunity has arisen with ASCPA Help A Horse Day. Pegasus is participating in this national competition to earn the grand prize of $10,000 for our horses, raise our visibility, engage our community, and be seen on a national platform. 

Our main goal is to heighten awareness regarding horse neglect and to allow people to see first hand what Pegasus is doing to alleviate such suffering in our community. Help a Horse Day is a celebration of our success stories, and so we are spreading the word by hosting a fun, joyous event. 

Since April is National Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month, the ASPCA is offering a total of $50,000 to horse rescues across the country, with three organizations winning $10,000 each and four more winning $5000 each. In order to win we need to show: 1) a large event turn-out, 2) substantial funds raised during the month of April, 3) a high level of community collaboration, 4) creative ideas on how to promote our good work, and 5) a unique and classy April 25th event. With your help, I think we've got this! 

The ASPCA told us when it comes to planning our Help A Horse Day event, "the sky is the limit," and we took them at their literal word! Read all about our amazing Wings Over Pegasus event (to the left of this column). We hope you will come out and celebrate the day because it's going to be a blast, and attendance is key to our success. But, if you cannot make it, please consider donating this month and earmarking your donation for Help a Horse Day. Each donation, great or small, adds up to allow us to save more horses.

If you are a Pegasus Partner, send me an email asking that your monthly donation be dedicated to Help a Horse Day. If you aren't a Pegasus Partner, see below how you can become one! 

Chance are, if you are reading this note, you care about horses. Be a part of the solution by joining our amazing team and help us reach out and save as many horses, donkeys and mules as we can. Remember -- at The Pegasus Project, "We Give Horses Wings." 

Hope to see you April 25th!

Allyson DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project

Send inquiries to: [email protected]

Enter Raffle To Win
Two Roundtrip Tickets on
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Airline tickets are good on any SWA flight within the continental U.S.

Drawing at Wings Over Pegasus on April 25, 2015
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1 raffle ticket for $20
3 raffle tickets for $50
7 raffle tickets for $100

All proceeds benefit the horses of
 The Pegasus Project

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  Clinton Anderson has chosen Pegasus as the horse rescue for the charity ball toss at his Oklahoma City tour stop! 

Come on out - April 11 & 12! 

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