Mark Rashid and Crissi McDonald
 (pictured here with Crissi's Pegasus horse, Ally)


The Pegasus Project is proud once again to host a clinic featuring internationally renowned horseman and author Mark Rashid and his wife, Crissi McDonald, an acclaimed horsewoman in her own right. Mark and Crissi, residents of Estes Park, Colorado, travel throughout the U.S. and abroad teaching people and their horses. They are known for their ability to understand the horse's point of view and solve difficult problems with communication rather than force. 

Mark began working with horses at age 10, when he met the "old man," who taught him to work with the horse, not against the horse, and to listen to what the horse is trying to say. Mark and Crissi's clinics center on one-on-one work with horse and rider and are immensely popular with people around the world. To learn more about Mark and Crissi, click HERE. 

Mark became familiar with The Pegasus Project in 2012 when the DeCanios hosted him in a horsemanship clinic, and their relationship has grown ever since. Mark and Crissi fell in love with this mission and have declared Pegasus to be the best run horse rescue they have ever witnessed. Mark now serves on the board of directors, which is a great honor for this organization. Mark and Crissi have adopted two Pegasus rescue horses, Sundance and Ally.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of Mark's and Crissi's presence in East Texas and sign up for one-on-one lessons with your horse, or simply come and audit. Details regarding the clinic, including dates and times can be found by clicking here:  CLINIC DETAILS

Luke's Incredible Journey
Luke - Before & After

This handsome, blue-eyed boy is Luke. Rescued by Pegasus on April 21, 2011, the 3-year-old Paint colt was on the verge of death. The law enforcement officer who investigated the case was afraid that Luke would not survive another day without our help. And he was right!


Abandoned by a felon at the home of his elderly father, this young horse stood in a dirt pen for more than a year. Basically without food or hay and with very little water, Luke was surrounded by beautiful green pastures and ponds just outside of his reach. He was starved to the point of delirium. With a little convincing by Pegasus co-founder and attorney, Allyson DeCanio, the felon's father agreed to hand Luke over. Severely emaciated and dehydrated, Luke had a long road to recovery. 


Although he had no reason to trust humans, Luke was loving and gentle and adored attention from the beginning. He attained normal weight in no time and took to his training program like a champ. Luke is very laid back and the perfect horse for most any rider. Luke was chosen by Debbie Tunnell of Republic, Missouri, and his adoption was completed on February 24, 2013.


Luke is one of the most beloved horses to ever grace Pegasus, and we are thrilled that he found such a wonderful home. Debbie and Luke are the perfect pair. LOVE WINS!


**The world is full of "Lukes". Thank you for supporting The Pegasus Project so that we can help them all find their "Debbies"**


To view all of Luke's photos and read more of his story, click here:


A Christmas Miracle

Lexi came to us through a series miracles. Mitzi Storey, a Texas State Trooper and a resident of Henderson County, Texas, had been assigned border duty and was making frequent trips to the Texas-Mexico border. In October 2014, Mitzi was flagged down by a concerned motorist in Rio Grande City who saw the horse staked in a vacant lot full of weeds and scrub. The horse was emaciated and dehydrated. Mitzi took the poor creature water and began searching for her owner. Local law enforcement was no help, and so Mitzi made it her personal mission to save this horse.

After a few days, Mitzi saw the horse now tied to a broken down trailer and was able to speak with her owners. The horse was the pet of their young daughter, who would brush and stroke her, but by their own admission, they could not properly care for the horse. Over the course of the next 2 months, Mitzi and Clarissa Alaniz (a worker at Tractor Supply in Starr County) took care of the young mare, taking her hay, feed and water. Her physical condition began to improve, and she went from totally emaciated to just plain skinny. 

Eventually, Mitzi was able to convince the owners to give the horse up. Not sure of what to do next, Mitzi contacted Henderson County Assistant District Attorney, Nancy Rumar, who put Mitzi in contact with Allyson DeCanio at The Pegasus Project. Pegasus agreed to accept the horse and posted a request for assistance on Facebook. With light at the end of the tunnel, Mitzi named the mare Lexi and the magic started to happen! In less than 24 hours, the amazing Charli Altum of Denton, Texas agreed to bring Lexi north, and the fantastic supporters of Pegasus donated funds for her transport.

The 12-hour transport began on December 18th. Mitzi's cousin Mickie O'Neal (and her good friend Nancy Wiggins) agreed to meet Charli's transport truck in Hillsboro, Texas, along I-35, and bring Lexi on over to the Pegasus ranch. The two ladies arrived at Pegasus with Lexi at 3:30am on December 19th. Lexi was home and safe just in time for the holidays! 

Lexi is doing well and gaining weight. Our veterinarian has estimated her age at 2 1/2 years old. We have concerns over her left rear foot, which appears to have sustained a major trauma in the past. An external deformity is apparent and x-rays confirm that the internal structure of the hoof is seriously compromised. We are taking every precaution to trim her foot carefully and are allowing time to see if the hoof can remodel. Lexi is basically sound and can bear weight on that foot currently. Only time will tell what the future holds for this sweet, kind filly.

Sometimes it indeed takes a village. Many thanks to the Pegasus village for coming through for Lexi. Lexi is available for adoption, and we expect she will be able to leave Pegasus soon. She will mostly likely be a companion-only horse, given her hoof deformity. She has excellent manners and has fully cooperated with her care every step of the way! 


To view Lexi's full photo album, click here: LEXI


If you are interested in adopting Lexi, we would love to hear from you. Start by reviewing our adoption process by clicking here Adopt, and submit your application today!


A Note from Allyson

"It Takes A Village" 

I've always liked this saying. It reminds me of the strength of community and the power in numbers. Never has this expression meant more to me than this past month at Pegasus. A dedicated group of people pulled off the rescue of a horse named Lexi, and it was nothing short of a miracle. 

In early December, Mike and I were on a much-needed vacation far away from Texas. I'm not one to leave my world behind, so thankfully, I continued to monitor my emails and messages. Via an email from an assistant DA in our county, I received a desperate plea from a Texas State Trooper regarding a horse in bad shape, who needed our help. The horse was located on the border of Mexico, more than 12 hours from the Pegasus ranch. That distance, combined with the fact that we were far away from Pegasus ourselves, was discouraging. 

Rather than succumb to doubt, I put out a plea to the Universe and a request for help on Facebook. Miracles began to happen!

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