Pegasus horse, Luke, poses with his adopter Debbie Tunnell during 
last year's Ride for a Rescue. 
Ride for a Rescue
It's time for the 3rd Annual Pegasus Project "Ride for a Rescue," Saturday, November 1, 2014, at the beautiful Miars Arabian Ranch in Murchison, Texas. Bring your horse and join us for a full day of horse fun! We will explore the ranch on a nice, easy-paced, guided ride through wooded trails and along open hay meadows. Following the ride, you can test your horse's skill on a fun obstacle course for prizes, or just relax and enjoy complimentary drinks. Lunch will be catered by Rowdy Taco, and we encourage non-riders to come and enjoy the day with us. (This event is limited to 50 riders, and so register today!) For more details and to register, please visit our website.

Two Horse-Crazy Girls


Two horse-crazy, 8-year-old girls, who live near San Antonio, Texas heard about The Pegasus Project and decided to raise money for the horses. They made bracelets and artwork over the summer and sold them, along with lemonade, at their family garage sale. They raised $130 for our horses!  


We put their story on Facebook and received an additional $1000 in matching donations from our fantastic supporters. As a surprise treat, the girls' parents drove them more than 5 hours to visit our ranch, meet all the horses, and deliver the check in person. These two wonderful girls, Emma Wolter and Avery Boggs, are pictured here with Pegasus rescue mule, Lily. After returning home, Emma became a Pegasus Partner donating $10 of her allowance to the horses every month! What an inspiration these kids are to children and adults everywhere! These girls understand the joy of giving.


Big Ben Needs a Family


Hi, I am Big Ben. In April of this year, the nice people at Pegasus rescued me from a miserable situation.


I'm not sure of my beginnings, but a couple of years ago, some ignorant people bought me at a flea market, if you can believe that! They didn't know how to care for me, and they didn't even know that horses and ponies like me must have our feet trimmed regularly. So, my feet grew longer and longer until I could barely get around. My feet and back and legs hurt. I was in pain all the time. A grown man kept trying to ride me, despite my overgrown feet and my lameness, and I would do my best to buck him off. It was awful.

Then the nice lady who lived next door called The Pegasus Project. Allyson & Don came and took me away from that bad place. I was really scared at first, but I quickly learned that they were helping me. They put me in a big stall with soft bedding, and then two really kind men showed up and started working on my feet. It took HOURS to make my hooves look even close to normal. When they were done, for the first time in years, I was able to run and play! Since then, every 4 weeks my feet are trimmed some more. 


They feed me twice a day, and all day long I have fresh water and hay and grass. I live with my best friend, Isaac, who is a miniature donkey. We wrestle a lot! I've been through so much to be just 6 years old. But now I'm happily waiting for the perfect person to come along and take me to my forever home. I love it here at the Pegasus ranch, but I'd rather have a family of my own. Might you be my family? If you want to see all of my before and after pictures, click here: Big Ben



Welcome to our first edition of Trainer's Corner, featuring Don Knapp, Pegasus' head trainer. Pegasus is proud to have trainer Dale Kahl on staff as well. We actually like to refer to Don and Dale as "horse developers" because that's what we do here - we develop the horse. We don't "break" colts, but rather work gently with them to develop their natural talents.

At The Pegasus Project, we always try to see things from the horse's perspective and feel it's our obligation to speak their language rather than expecting them to speak ours. Each month we will offer you a video of Don or Dale working with a horse, whether it be starting a young colt, putting finishing touches on a horse that's well-trained, or just giving tips on how to deal with potential challenges.


Little Bear's First Ride!
Little Bear's First Ride!


This month's video is Don putting the first ride on Little Bear, a colt who was born at the Pegasus ranch in April 2012, following the rescue of his pregnant mother. Handled since birth, we raised Little Bear to be a calm, confident, and playful colt. You will see how being raised properly set him up to take his first ride in stride. At The Pegasus Project, we give horses wings!

A Note from Allyson

Welcome to The Pegasus Project's first ever monthly Newsletter. Our goals are to share inspirational stories, keep our readers up-to-date on all things "Pegasus," provide helpful horse care and training tips, and serve as a source of information regarding what's going on in the world of equine rescue both locally and around the country. It is important that our supporters feel connected to the work we do because Pegasus could not operate without you.


Since Pegasus is 100 percent dependent on private donations, your support means everything to our continued success and growth. So, I invite you to submit your creative suggestions to allyson@MyPegasusProject.org on topics you'd like us to cover, horses you'd like us to profile, and ideas you'd like to share to make The Pegasus Project even better. As always, we thank you for partnering with Pegasus to make a difference in a horse's life!
Allyson DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project

Tuesday, October 21
5:30 pm
DeCanios' Front Porch

Monthly, fun, information-packed meetings for Pegasus supporters at various locations throughout the year. All Pegasus Partners at the $25/month level and higher are Happy Hour members. Membership includes a car decal, a Pegasus hat or t-shirt, a Pegasus logo wine glass and an open invitation to every meeting! Discuss the latest Pegasus news and connect with other like-minded horse fans. (Your wine glass is free, but the wine isn't! We know how much you drink!)

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NOVEMBER 1, 2014
Miars Arabian Ranch
Murchison, Texas

Food by Rowdy Taco
Complimentary Drinks
(beer, wine, water, and soda)

Poker Run Prizes
Horse Contests & Games
Quilt Raffle


All proceeds benefit the horses of The Pegasus Project.







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