2015 marks the fifth anniversary of wheat growers seeding midge tolerant wheat varieties. Since the launch, we have witnessed a strong uptake of the technology and its popularity continues to grow. 


Today, 18% of total western wheat acres are midge 

tolerant -- that's up from 16% in 2013. In Saskatchewan, 

midge tolerant wheat accounts for more than 36% of the province's total wheat acres.


Farmers who grow midge tolerant wheat report significant yield and grade benefits --approximately $36 per acre (based on wheat priced at $6 bu/ac). We have also achieved 96% grower compliance with the stewardship practices. 


At the same time that we celebrate these terrific results, we need to keep vigilant to ensure the technology is protected for future growing seasons. The Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Team has many communications tactics underway to help keep stewardship messaging top of mind and reinforce the importance of protecting midge tolerant wheat.


Watch for "There is No Plan B" ads in Western Producer, Crop Production Show Guide, CAAR Communicator and provincial seed guides as well as online at RealAgriculture.com and AgCanada.com. Several other initiatives will roll out over the coming months to support you in your stewardship communication efforts.



As a reminder, every farmer customer who purchases midge tolerant wheat must sign the Stewardship Agreement. It is the key document in the stewardship process -- to ensure farmer customers commit to the stewardship plan. Please visit this webpage if you are unsure of your requirements for signed agreements.



If there are newcomers to your team, please encourage them to take the Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Training

Everyone who sells midge tolerant wheat is required to educate farmers about the technology and the Stewardship Agreement that accompanies its use. 

As you'll recall, the training is quick and easy to complete at your convenience.
 As you're receiving this newsletter, it's likely that you've already completed the training. It is not necessary for you to re-do the test, but you are welcome to do it again to refresh your knowledge.

This second edition of the Stewardship E-newsletter celebrates the five-year anniversary of midge tolerant wheat and brings you reminders of your responsibility as a retailer. We hope this information supports you in your efforts to protect this important technology.

Please forward this newsletter to your midge tolerant wheat customers.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact: info@midgetolerantwheat.ca


This message is from the Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Team - a broad industry coalition representing plant breeders, government, seed growers, seed distributors and producer groups. The team is committed to maintain the viability of midge tolerant wheat by educating Canadian wheat producers on the importance of proper stewardship of the technology.
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