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Spring 2015 

Introducing the RLED

The RLED Retro is a 0-100% phase dimmable (forward and reverse) 42 Watt energy efficient LED light engine. Designed as a direct screw in replacement for 250 to 500 watt incandescent lamps on SCR, TRIAC, or IGBT dimmers. The RLED offers flicker free light output and a very smooth dimming curve via existing 2 wire dimming wires, making it the easiest replacement for harder and harder to find incandescent lamps. The RLED is a great LED option for replacing recessed lights in theatre auditoriums, houses or worship, gymnasiums, arenas or anywhere this low level dimming performance is required. At Laface & McGovern, we ran the RLED through its paces in our in-house testing lab with many different types of dimming systems and did not find any dimmers that couldn't produce great results with this product.

The compact form factor of the RLED allows it to fit into most existing recessed light fixtures currently housing high wattage incandescents. The pre-installed Edison base makes installation a snap, just remove the old light bulb and screw in the RLED. That's it. All done. No control wiring to run, no re-programming of dimming equipment. You might not even notice the change, until the electricity bill comes in.

Color temperatures of 2700K to 5000K are available. A two year full warranty is included and extended warranty options are also available. CSA safety listed and Energy Star approve d.

For more information on the RLED Retro 500, please contact Ken Lager. We have a demo unit available to come to your office or job site to be sure the RLED will perform as expected.



Lutron Performance Shading Advisor 


Specifying a roller shade is more than just for aesthetic purposes. Selecting the correct performance for a fabric is critical to the interior comfort and energy savings, and should be looked at as another high performance component within a building system. Lutron recently developed a powerful online software tool, Performance Shading Advisor, to simplify the daunting task of selecting an appropriate fabric based off of the project needs. The user is able to input information about a building's geographic location, fašade orientation, window properties, room reflectance's, etc. The Shading Advisor then generates recommended fabrics, based on a unique daylighting algorithm developed by Lutron and Purdue University, depending on whether the priority is glare reduction, energy savings, or view preservation. From here you can also order samples, save project information, and even export reports and specifications.

In this list of recommended fabrics is a new certification of fabric called Theia. Theia performance fabrics are specific fabrics available only from Lutron that guarantee to be within a certain tolerance of performance than what is specified. After in depth research, it was discovered that key fabric properties such as openness factor and visible light transmittance could vary greatly within manufacturers guidelines, which negatively affects the building design intent. Theia fabrics are held to a new standard of tightly control variations that guarantee the openness factor tolerance to be +/- 0.75%, and the Visible light transmittance (Tv) tolerance: +/- 1%. Ultimately this ensures that the fabric that was deliberately selected based on performance metrics is delivered as specified.

So the next time you are uncertain as to which of our 1500 fabrics to specify, be sure to use the Performance Shading Advisor and even consider a Theia compliant fabric. Contact Valerie McKee to see samples.








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