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Winter 2015

A New Age Touchscreen

The new Fresco touch screen from Acuity Brands is revolutionary and first of its kind at a very economical price point.


Fresco manages lighting for today's architectural spaces and puts the user confidently in control. Distinguished by its visual appeal and easy to use design, its glass to the edge refinement and aluminum frame are a robust and modern improvement to architectural lighting control. Fresco delivers seamless (no interfaces) control of traditional line voltage dimming, switching, 0-10v, DALI, nLight and DMXfor RGB and tunable white fixtures.


Built-in Bluetooth connectivity provides wireless access with most handheld devices allowing the user additional convenience in how they control their space. Optimal project types for this product would include Restaurants, Bars, Meeting Spaces, Board Rooms Museums, House of Worship and Multi Use spaces.  Fresco offers some of the industries most unique features in creating a product that maximizes the users ability to operate and modify the settings.  A capacitive touchscreen offers a quick response to the user. Lighting scenes are quick to control, edit or create and each scene can be personalized to the projects needs. Partitioning of spaces is standard to this unit as well as a built in, easy to use astronomic time clock. Built in proximity sensor wakes up the unit when the user approaches and a layer of ac cess codes allow for secure access to select users. With the Fresco Touchscreen, there isn't a project today that would pose a compatibility load problem for this solution. When you have a product that can address any load type including Color Changing RGB, you have a simple elegant solution.  Contact us today for a product demonstration. 

ReelTech Product Introduction

LED fixtures are getting better and better each year. The lifespan of a typical LED chipset is over 100,000 hours before the light output is down to 70% of the initial output. Sometimes architects and engineers need or want to put a lighting fixture in an area that would be extremely difficult to access. Areas over grand staircases, escalators, auditorium seating or church pews are good examples. 


I would like to introduce you to a product line that isn't necessarily new to the world but has been very under appreciated here in the US.  The company is called Reel Tech and they are a market leader throughout Europe.


 The product line consists of various types of point hoists with varying capacities and travel distances.  The main objective for this product is to make life easier for fixture maintenance in high ceiling applications. These units can be controlled wirelessly or wired and have the proper ETL listing.  They even have the ability to lower fixtures that are data controlled, e.g. DMX, Dali, 0-10V, and the hoist itself is very compact.  


 The smallest hoist lifts 26 lbs, travels up to 49 feet, and is about the size of a kid's soccer ball.  When used in conjunction with a standard, line voltage, switched lighting fixture, a separate power feed to the motor is not necessary. When the fixture needs to be lowered, the motor switches off the power to the fixture and uses that power to operate the hoist. This eliminates the need to run separate power feeds to the   Reel Tech lifting device.


 Operating the Reel Tech lifters couldn't be easier. The units can be shipped with a wireless remote control. Each lift has its own integrated radio rece iver with a unique address. The remote control is capable of controlling up to 999 addresses individually or in groups. There is also the option to run the lifters via an integral wired circuit, if the installation require s.

Safety is paramount with the Reel Tech line of lifters. A locking device provides additional security when the lift is at the home position. The special locking device engages to take the load off the suspension wire. In the event of a power failure the lower cover will remain securely locked in position. 2 year warranty is offered the remote lighting lifter. It is tested for regulatory compliance and certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, ETL, SAA, PCT, TUV, CE, C-TICK, S, FCC, and more.


Reel Tech Lifters are available in a range of models to suit a variety of applications and needs with lifting capacities ranging from 6 - 1100lbs, multi-circuit requirements, data requirements and more. We are here to help meet your maintenance needs by providing a safe environment to work in and savings in both time and money by avoiding the costly interruptions associated with equipment such as scaffolding, ladders or cherry pickers, which is typical equipment needed to maintain items mounted in high ceiling spaces.  To receive more information or schedule a demo of the Reel Tech lifter in your office, please contact Ken Lager.


Dimmers: Revitalized!

In the world of fashion, automobiles, and personal electronic devices, the market is constantly demanding new, cutting edge technology and aesthetics - and dimmers should be no exception. Whether it is residentially or commercially, dimmers, keypads, and touchscreens (see Fresco article above) are important functional features of an interior space and can sometimes be overlo oked. For the most part, the dimmers and keypads that have been on the market for many years are tried and true, familiar, and in general aesthetically pleasing. Lutron recently rolled out three exciting new dimmers and keypads that are sure to catch the professionally trained eye - Grafik T, Palladiom, and Pico 4 button Wireless Scene Controller. The Grafik T (a revamp of an older and a more costly dimmer Vierti), is a sleek and modern slide dimmer with an intuitive LED lightbar for raising and lowering light levels. Grafik T can be used as a standalone dimmer or switch, or it can be a part of the RadioRA2 system using RF communication. Soon it will available as part of the Homeworks residential lighting and shading control systems, and commercial Quantu m control systems. Palladiom is a brand new QS Wired Keypad that works with myRoom, QS Standalone solutions (ESN, QSG, and Sivoia QS), Quantum, and Homeworks Systems. Grafik T and Palladiom are available in all Lutron architectural finishes including glass and metal. The Pico 4 button Wireless Scene Controller is an exciting new cost effective addition to the Pico wireless controls and opens up room control capability beyond the standard on/off, raise/lower, and favorite scenes. Custom engraving is available for both the Palladiom and Pico 4 Button Keypads. Contact us to see samples and product literature .





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