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Fall 2014
The Laface & McGovern Controls Department website is now live! New and exciting features include the project gallery, linecard download, Green Zone, and special access into our Design Portal for written specifications, wiring diagrams, literature requests, and more!

L&M Welcomes EXTECH to the Daylighting LineCard


Laface & McGovern is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with EXTECH/Exterior Technologies Inc.! Our intention to incorporate daylighting into the L&M lighting & lighting controls portfolio has been well received into the specification market. L&M has been providing the specification market with toplighting strategies with Sunoptics, as well as sidelighting strategies with Lutron lighting control, Lutron shading control and LightLouver daylight redirecting systems. With the addition of the Pittsburgh based company, EXTECH, to the L&M linecard, we will now be able to provide our specification community something that no other lighting or wall glazing agency can provide - the full integration and support of lighting, lighting controls, and daylighting products.


With the adoption of ASHRAE 90.1 2013 quickly approaching PA, EXTECH provides just one more means of meeting the daylighting requirements through the use of highly efficient cellular polycarbonate for window, wall and skylight glazing as well as interior applications such as ceiling panels.


Within the last decade, commercial builders have increasingly embraced the concept that natural lighting, or daylighting can be more effective than artificial electrically generated light; it can also be much more energy efficient, economically friendly and cost effective. These benefits can apply when a professional-quality daylighting and lighting control system is installed in a business, whether the building is retail or office space, a warehouse, research facility, or manufacturing area.


Savings can be found in the form of economic, health and environmental benefits. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an average-sized grocery store can save as much as $16,000 a year in lighting bills, while a school can save nearly $7,500 annually. Likewise, industrial buildings can save approximately 12 cents per square foot. Overall, the Department of Energy estimates that, by installing effective skylights and panels and lighting control?, a business can cut its usage of traditional artificial lighting by as much as 80 percent, resulting in a substantially lower monthly utility bill. Other economic advantages can be found in the many rebates that are now available to energy-compliant businesses.


When you decide to implement natural daylighting in your building, it's important to choose an integrator such as EXTECH that will use only the best, most environmentally sustainable materials. By talking to a agency like Laface & McGovern that offers overall lighting control expertise, you'll be able to find out the best way to maximize both economic and ecologic benefits of installing a natural daylighting system in your business or commercial property.


Contact Valerie McKee, Daylighting Specialist at Laface & McGovern to find out more!


Products to meet UL 924 Compliance


UL 924 by definition states 'This standard applies to emergency lighting and power equipment for use in unclassified locations and intended for connection......intended to automatically supply critical areas in the event of failure of normal power.' Blah, Blah, Blah! Because we want to keep the article short, we'll keep the technical part of the standards offline and can certainly send you volumes of information about supporting codes, etc.


In simple definition that applies to our world of lighting controls - If you intend to control (switch, dim, occupancy sense or daylight) emergency lighting in any manner, you must assure that the emergency lighting will come on to full output in the event of normal power failure and that any local switching in the area is disabled until normal power is restored. In addition, the Normal and N/E power wired to the UL924 device must be from the same area.

How do we get this done for you? We have several solutions available for your use in your current designs and usually direct you to a specific product based on your design strategy. One of our most popular products is from LVS Inc. ; they make specific products for switching (LVS EPC-1 ), dimming 0-10v (LVS EPC-1-D )
and dimming 2-3 wire (
LVS-D-F) which keep their costs down.


Bodine provides the same type of device in their GTD 20A product which controls both switching and dimming.


Acuity Brands provides specific solutions based on their product line. With the nLight system, Acuity has developed the industries only UL924 compliant digital power pack for fast and easy installation with all nLight designs. Reference Part number Sensor Switch NPP16ER.


With LC&D Panel based systems, LC&D's entire panel is UL 924 Compliant allowing you to design your lighting control with Normal and N/E lighting (with barrier) in the same panel and achieve UL 924 compliance without any additional parts.


Lutron Electronics offers a UL924 3 Phase sensing device that can be integrated into any of their lighting control systems thus giving even the most complex control systems the ability to assure the entire system is UL924 compliant.


If you'd like to learn more about any of these products, please feel free to contact Brian Miedel to set up a meeting.




ETC adds budget-friendly ColorSource PAR to its LED lineup


For so long, venues with limited budgets that wanted to update their lighting systems with LEDs had only one option: flimsy, noisy and undependable fixtures with incredibly limited, fake-looking color that drifted as soon as they were turned on. Now ETC has a new solution: the ColorSource PAR, an LED luminaire developed by color experts and backed by ETC's industry-leading service department. Schools, houses of worship, small theaters and other venues with tight budgets now have a way to affordably upgrade to LEDs, without losing out on beautiful color.


Since ETC began developing LED luminaires, the company has spent a lot of time experimenting with color, inventing LED products whose color capabilities go well beyond what is available on the market today. ETC has applied this expertise to the ColorSource PAR, which uses a proportionate blend of red, green, blue and lime LED emitters to produce a richer, more natural light output than other budget LED fixtures. "It's so easy to see difference in light quality," says ETC Fixtures Product Manager Jim Uphoff. "The ColorSource PAR is in another league when it comes to color, delivering the most beautiful light that a four-color LED can produce - all without breaking the bank."


ColorSource PAR users can benefit from the color calibration that ETC does on all its LED luminaires. The luminaires are tested for uniformity, so a lighting system with multiple ColorSource PARs will have the same color from fixture to fixture. And they're designed to compensate for the droop that typically plagues LED fixtures, so the ColorSource PAR's output will look the same from the beginning of a show to the end. 


Despite its superior color capabilities, the ColorSource PAR doesn't require extensive lighting knowledge to use. "This is a great fixture for students just starting out in lighting or small venues with staff who don't have lighting training," explains Uphoff. "It's easy to set up and works with or without a simple lighting desk. You can just plug it in and get it working in seconds.


Like all of ETC's products, the ColorSource PAR comes with ETC's customer and technical support, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year, for the lifetime of the fixture. "Whether it's a massive Broadway lighting system or a school cafetorium with just a couple ETC fixtures, our service department is dedicated to taking care of every end user," describes ETC Entertainment Market Manager Matt Armendariz-Kerr. "Someone buying a ColorSource PAR will know they're covered if they ever need help, even if it's on the weekend or late at night. They definitely can't get that type of service from other companies making budget LEDs."


ETC will be showing the ColorSource PAR at LDI, November 21 through 23, in Las Vegas. Our new Lighting and Rigging Specialist, Ken Lager can arrange a special demonstration for you at the ETC booth, #2891 and #2991.


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