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Bar None Country Store
July 2014 Monthly Newsletter

We've been busy bringing in lots of new gifts, decor, accessories, your favorite clothing brands, and some new ones we think you'll like. Best of all, we have some of the best prices in town. 

Believe it or not, in a few short months, deer season will open.  We are preparing now, with new products arriving, so we have everything you need.

Bar None Country Store is OPEN normal business hours this Friday, July 4.  We'd like to wish all our customers a very happy and safe 4th of July weekend.

We appreciate your business, 
Bar None Country Store
Now is the Time : Deer Feeders


Believe it or not, we are a few short months from the opening of deer season in Texas. Now is the time that we start to focus on getting those deer feeders out, filled, and set up on the deer lease.  We just stocked up on the latest deer feeders from All Season Feeders.  Made in Texas, All Seasons Feeders are designed and constructed to last "all season long".  The PINK Stand & Fill broadcast feeder is the newest line of feeders brought to you by All Seasons Feeders.  Made with the ladies in mind, 5% of the proceeds of the PINK feeders will go to benefit breast cancer research and awareness! Also included with purchase is a PINK  ... 

Purina AntlerMax : Available Bagged, Bulk, and Delivered

What to see the growth and size of your deer explode?  Try using what the professional deer breeders are using, Purina Antlermax.  This year, fill your protein deer feeders up with what is proven to grow big deer, improve antler size and mass, and improve body condition.  AntlerMax is highly palatable, has a strong flavor that attracts deer and elk and should be fed from February through August.

Stop in to Bar None Country Store today and we'll load you up.  Or, if you prefer...

Are You Seeing Fire Ants?


Summer is here and that means so are the fire ants. It's time to treat your lawn. We have several different kinds and types of ways to treat fire ants at Bar None Country Store. Pick the method that works best for your situation.  Here a couple of our favorites: Martin's Surrender Fire Ant Killer Insecticide - works on fire ants and harvester ants in turf grass, one application per season, and one canister treats up to 108 mounds.  GardenTech Over 'n Out Fire Ant Killer - kill your fire ant mounds in 15 minutes by treating your visible mounds, easy to use granules.  If applied with a drop or broadast spreader, these granules are carried back where the queen feeds on ...

Control Grasshoppers with Nolo Bait

If you are looking for a way to get rid of those pesky grasshoppers, try out a bag of Nolo Bait from Bar None Country Store. Nolo Bait, GRASSHOPPER SPORE, Nosema locustae is a microsporidial parasite which affects only grasshoppers (58 species) and some crickets, by infecting their fat bodies. It will not harm humans, birds, pets, barnyard animals or wildlife.  Don't wait until grasshoppers are munching your crops in mid-summer to make the ...

NEW LHTX Clothing is Here

We are very excited to now carry and stock tees from LHTX. If you want something unique, here it is. These tops are designed by artists, printed and embellished by hand, and made in the USA right here in Texas.  LHTX by Leigh K Hajovsky tops are made to be easy to wear and care free.  They back their products 100% and believe in the handcrafted ... 

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July 4
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Get Your Hooey Here

We have what they want. Get your Hooey at Bar None Country Store. We have the latest ball caps, t-shirts and wallets right here in our store. There is no need to drive far to get your favorite brands. We have the latest Hooey styles. Stop in today and check out our selection.

Here is a fun fact. Do you know there are several definitions for the word "Hooey". Visit the Hooey website here to learn all the definitions for "Hooey", one being ...

New Ladies Clothing @Bar None Country Store

Bar None Country Store had always had a little bit of clothing.  Recently, we've added to it and expanded the ladies clothing section in the store.  We have some of the best prices in town on our jeans and tops as well as accessories.  Cute, summer clothing has arrived, tanks, tees, and dresses, including tops perfect for any 4th of July bash.
Pet Food Loyalty Program

Sign up for our FREE pet food loyalty program. Buy 8 bags of Purina Mills Exclusive or Red Flannel Pet food and get 1 bag FREE! 

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