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June 2014 Newsletter

Father's Day is coming June 15th! Visit Bar None Country Store for our wide selection of Yeti Coolers, Silver Stagg Knives, boots, men's clothing, outdoor furniture, & deer feeders. Get a gift you know your dad will love! 
It's time to focus on deer protein and growing bigger racks. We carry Purina AntlerMax Deer Feeds. Find out why they are are beneficial to your deer. Looking for a new feeder? Find out more below. 
Fleas & Ticks can become a real problem. The cycle can continue throughout the year, making your pet miserable. Stop by Bar None Country Store for a variety of flea & tick preventions. Get your pet relief today! 

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Bar None Country Store
Father's Day Gifts

Celebrate Father's Day on Sunday, June 15th with a unique gift from Bar None Country Store. We have a great selection of Men's Western Clothing, Knives, Outdoor Furniture, Deer Feeders, Yeti Coolers and more! Stop by Bar None Country Store or call the store with questions. Let us help you find that special gift... Read More
Season for Deer Protein

It's time to start feeding deer protein. Antler growth season is when "instant gratification" seekers can practically see results occur right before their eyes. Growing at a rate of half an inch per day, antlers are some of the fastest growing tissues in the animal kingdom.

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Choose A High Quality Deer Feeder

It's now the time of the year to start deer protein! Free-choice self-feeders protect Deer Chow pellets and provide them to deer whenever they want to eat. Because deer eat at different times several times a day, professionally made free-choice feeders (or even trough feeders) are the best way to feed your deer for maximum intake and antler growth.  Read More
411 on Fleas & Ticks

Flea and tick season has arrived. Are you prepared to prevent them from invading your pet, lawn and home? You may not even see them, but they could be hiding inside and outside. Fleas and ticks like to hide on pets, other animals, plants where other infested animals visit and even in your carpet, sofa and floors inside your home. ...Read More
Nolo Grasshopper Bait

Need help with those pesky grasshoppers? Check out Nolo Bait at Bar None Country Store. Nolo Bait is a long-term grasshopper suppression agent. It is an easy spreadable bait made from flaky wheat bran. Once the Grasshoppers ingest the bran, they becoming infected with Nosema. Nolo Bait is very ... Read More

Take Control Of Weeds

Now that spring is here, the plants are springing to life! However, your flowers aren't the only thing coming to life! Weeds are breaking through the soil and depriving your true grass from sunlight & nutrients. There are a few options to keep weeds under control in your lawn and flower beds. Weed Management Options: Remove weeds by hand ... Read More
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Father's Day
June 15, 2014

Open July 4th
July 4, 2014

Be sure to check the event calendar on our website for future store events!
Open July 4th!

Bar None Country Store will be open: July 4th and Labor Day. Have a wonderful, safe holiday and stop by to see us! 

Don't forget we have Yeti Coolers, Barbecue supplies and mosquito repellant!

Wipe N' Spray

Flies can really irritate your horses, making them agitated and uncomfortable. Pyranha Wipe N' Spray is a pyrethrum-based formula that is applied directly on the animal. This ready-to-use product provides fly protection and imparts a high sheen to the hair when brushed out. A favorite of show horse owners, effective protection results from only 1 to 2 ounces per head. Wipe N' ...
Pet Food Loyalty Program
Sign up for our FREE pet food loyalty program. Buy 8 bags of Exclusive or Red Flannel Pet food and get 1 bag FREE! 

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