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March 2014 Newsletter

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our February Cattle Mineral Meeting! The turnout was good and the speakers informative.  

Spring is just around the corner! Baby chicks are here along with all the supplies you need to care for them, from hutches to coops, waterers and different types of feed. The next delivery of chicks arrive on March 12.

Lawn and garden season is finally here! Stop in to pick up vegetable plants and seeds!  We also have mulch to keep your plants hydrated and landscape looking nice. 

In the spirit of Spring, replenish your wardrobe with some hot new items from Pink Armadillos, Yahada and more!

We "Spring Forward" on March 9th. Remember to set your clocks forward one hour. 

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Bar None Country Store
Baby Chicks Arrive March 12

fuzzy-chick.jpg Baby Chicks Arrive March 12! Chicks available include: Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rock and Ameraucana. Please call us to see what we have coming in. If you have a special request, we will be happy to check on that for you as well. Stay tuned for more information on chicks. We'll be sure to post on Facebook when t ...
Deals on Poultry Products

There are many ways to keep your chicken flock healthy. Two of the most important things you can do are to keep their coops clean and make sure they are getting the proper nutrients. Two items that can help are Manna Poultry Protector and Poultry Grit. Right now at Bar None, buy any select Manna Pro Poultry products and get t ...
Got Mulch?

Now is the time to fertilize, plant and protect. It's time for...mulch! Bar None carries a large variety of mulch including cedar mulch, black colored mulch and cypress mulch. We also carry fertilizers including triple 13 which is great for more general growth or leafy plants and flowers; and 10-20-10 which is great for your veggie garden. Come ...
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Say NO to Fire Ants

Spring can bring on beauty and amazing growth, but it's also the time for fire ants. These little guys love to take up camp in your flower beds, and it ain't pretty. Be sure to treat fire ant beds so they will not return. The most sure fire (no pun intended) way to get rid of fire ant ...
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Garden Seeds 

March is the ideal time to put your green thumb into action. Brighten up your garden beds with spots of color from flowers, delicious vegetables and even fruits. At Bar None Country Store, we stock our shelves with Page's Liberty Garden flower, vegetable and herb seeds. We offer the most popular, time tested performing varieties. 
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Baby Chicks Arrive March 12
March 12, 2014 

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Spring Into a New Wardrobe

Bar None Country Store makes it a point to offer a great selection of apparel and accessories that fit your fancy every season. We have excellent prices on clothing brands including Cruel Girl &Miss Me jeans, shirts and even adorable flip-flops! You will also find great deals on unique brands like Pink Armadillos and Yahada. We get new clothing ...
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