Bar None Country Store
Bar None Country Store
February 2014 Newsletter

Best of luck to all McClennan County Junior Livestock Show participants this week!  Share your photos with us, we'll put them on our website.   
Bar None has Valentine's Day gifts for everyone!  Gals, Guys, kiddos and even pets! 
Baby chicks arrive weekly at Bar None starting February 8th through May. Visit our website or check Facebook for details on the chick types. Don't forget, we have the chick supplies you will need to go along with your chicks! 
It's time to get your garden started! You can get fresh onion sets and seed potatoes at Bar None. Come see us for all of your gardening needs.  
Bar None Country Store
McLennan County Jr Livestock Show
The McLennan County Junior Livestock Show will be held on February 4-7, 2014, at the Extraco Events Center. Please see rules and regulations for more information. Entries for the Youth Fair are $2 except for food entries which are $5 ...
Onion Sets & Seed Potatoes 

This is the perfect time of year to get your onion and potato garden started. Let us help you create the perfect garden full of fresh onions and potatoes! Are you new to gardening but would to start a vegetable garden? We are happy to help you at Bar None. Come in and we'll help you pick out the ...
Chicks Coming in February 8!

Baby Chicks Arrive February 8, 2014. Chick selection includes: Rare breed pullets, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons & Ameraucanas. 

Please call us to see what we have coming in. If you have a special request, we will be happy to check on that for you as well. Stay tuned for more information on chicks. We'll be sure to post o ... Read More
Build Your Own Chicken Coop

Chickens are attractive to have for many reasons, and there are a growing number of folks who are joining the ranks of chicken owners across the country. However, owning and caring for chickens is not a job for the faint of heart. There are many steps that need to be taken to provide a proper place for your chickens to ... Read More
Deer Health and Nutrition Tips: Antler Growth

So much of what we do in the care and feeding of deer passes relatively unnoticed in the short term. But antler growth season is when "instant gratification" seekers can practically see results occur right before their eyes. Growing at a rate of half an inch per day, antlers are some of the fastest growing tissues in the animal kingdom. ... Read More
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McLennan County Jr. Livestock Show
Feb 4-7, 2014

San Antonio Rodeo & Stock Show
Feb 6-23, 2014

Be sure to check the event calendar on our website for future store events!
Chicken Supplies

Chick Days are here at Bar None Country Store! You can get your baby chicks here starting Feb. 8, so why not get your chicken supplies as well? We have what you need...from chicken coops to chicken feed, waterers, feeders and much more. We'll be stocked with supplies you need to keep your chicks healthy, fed, clean and of ...
Pet Food Loyalty Program
Sign up for our FREE pet food loyalty program. Buy 8 bags of Exclusive or Red Flannel Pet food and get 1 bag FREE! 

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