Bar None Country Store
Bar None Country Store
March, 2013

Many thanks to everyone who joined us for our February Cattle Mineral Meeting! We had a great turnout, many thanks to our speakers. 

Spring is just around the corner, we have baby chicks & fish arriving in March! See below for upcoming spring events!

Lawn and garden season is finally here! Spruce up your lawn this year with our country Whiskey Barrels for only $34.95. 

We "Spring Forward" this weekend, remember to move your clocks forward an hour on Sunday, March 10th.  

Learn how you can win a $25 gift card from Bar None Country Store by following us on Facebook! 

We appreciate your business, 
Bar None Country Store  
Chick Supplies

Baby chicks will be arriving at Bar None Country Store throughout the spring! Are you needing to build a chicken coop, hutch or pen? Stop by Bar None Country Store for your chicken wire and protect your baby chicks and back yard chickens from potential predators. Need an egg basket? Buy 3 (50 lb.) bags of any Layena SunFresh Recipe & get ... Read More
Fish Truck is Coming

Now is the time to stock your ponds! The Fish Truck from Arkansas Pondstockers is scheduled to visit Bar None Country Store on Wednesday, March 20th from 4 pm- 5 pm. 
Containers will be provided. Fish are Guaranteed! Need a special order? Call Arkansas Pondstockers at 1-800-843-4748 to place your special order.
McLennan County Junior Livestock Show: Sale of Champions

Bar None Country Store is proud of all the hard working contestants who participated in the McLennan County Junior Livestock Show! Multiple officers from the Crawford FFA Show Team made the sale! Check out the Sale of Champions list from the McLennan County Junior Livestock Show below. 2013 Sale Order of Champions McLennan County  Read More...
"My Horses Love Purina Hydration Hay!"
Customer Testimonial

In planning for breeding in early spring, I brought my brood mare, Gretta, into the horse barn to be stalled under cycling lights. She can be a rather finicky eater and was not interested in even drinking out of the automatic watering bowl in her stall. I remembered seeing Purina's Hydration Hay at the All American Quarter Horse Congress ...
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March Outfit on a Budget

Shop Bar None Country Store for your outfit on a budget! We have new styles arriving weekly from Safari, Miss Me, Cowgirl Tuff & more! Outfit on a Budget: Safari Girl Flip Flops -$59.99 Necklace & Earring Set - $25.00 Cowgirl Tuff Dressy Coral Top - $37.99 Miss Me Boyfriend Capri - $66.99
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Baby Chicks Arrive
Feb 7 - Apr 25
Be sure to check the event calendar on our website for future store events!
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Pruning Shrubs
Do-It-Yourself : Pruning Shrubs
Watch this short video
on Prunning Shrubs

Lawn & Garden Season is Here!

Spring has arrived at Bar None Country Store! We have everything you need to start your lawn & garden off right this season..
Pet Food Loyalty Program
Sign up for our FREE pet food loyalty program. Buy 8 bags of Exclusive or Red Flannel Pet food and get 1 bag FREE! 
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