Bar None Country Store
Bar None Country Store
February, 2013
Yeti Coolers

February is here and so are the chicks, stock show and Valentines day!  
It also means it's time to start working on your spring garden!  Stop by Bar None Country Store for your onion sets, seed potatoes, spring vegetable plants, fertilizers and more!  

Save the date for our Cattle Mineral & Pasture Chemical Seminar on Feb 19.  Read more about it below and RSVP to reserver your spot!  

Chicks arrive later this month.  Read more about the types and dates below.  

Good luck to the kids showing this week at the McLennan County Junior Livestock Show!  Let us know how you make out and post your photos to our Facebook page! 

We appreciate your business!
Bar None Country Store

Valentine Gifts & More!

Valentines Day is less than a week away, are you ready? Bar None Country Store has great gifts for the guys, gals and your pets! Check out our new clothing selection for the gals, Miss Me & Cruel Girls jeans, shirts and don't forget the most important & shoes! Looking for BLiNG? We have it! For the ...
Cattle Mineral Meeting & Pasture Chemical Seminar

Cattle with mineral shortages or imbalances do poorly in reproduction, lactation, weight gains, body condition, etc. - all the factors that affect your profitability, but most mineral deficiencies don't show obvious symptoms until it's too late. Learn more about cattle minerals and take advantage of savings during this meeting. Join Bar None Country Store & McGregor General Store on T ...
Baby Chicks Arrive

Fresh eggs start here! Stop by Bar None Country Store for all your chicken supplies like chick feeders, waterers, heat lamps and more! All baby chicks are pullets, 90% accuracy DELIVERY DATES MAY VARY All pre-orders & special orders are welcomed for future delivery dates. Chick Days & Types: February 7th Rare Breed Special Pullets, Rhode Island Red Pullets, Barred Rock Pullets, ...
Onion Sets, Seed Potatoes & Spring Veggies

Spring gardening time is here! Stop by Bar None Country Store for your onion sets, seed potatoes and spring vegetable plants. Store your seed potatoes in a paper sack store in a dark closet untill planting time. This will allow time for eyes to spout some. For your onions, "heel them in" until you get ready to plant them properly.
Outfit On A Budget

Stop by Bar None Country Store for your new Outfit On A Budget: OUTFIT DETAILS: Miss Me Denim Jacket - $86.99 Miss Me Orange Cream Blouse - $32.99 Miss Me Cargo Shorts - $52.99 Safari Girl Turquoise Bronze Flip-Flops - $152.99 Charm Cross Necklace - $29.00   Read More
Pet Dental Care Tips

Chew on this...did you know that 8 out of every 10 pets over the age of three suffers from gum (periodontal) disease? Proper prevention and dental treatment is necessary, without it your pets can suffer from tooth decay, bleeding gums, tooth loss, and even internal organ damage. February is National Pet Care Dental Month. Take the time to know the signs o ...Read More
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 McLennan County Junior Livestock Show 
Feb 5 -  Feb 8

Cattle Mineral Meeting & Pasture Chemical Seminar
Feb 19, 2013
6:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Baby Chicks Arrive
Feb 7 - Apr 25

Be sure to check the event calendar on our website for future store events!
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