Building Capacity and Welcoming Practices 
In Military-Connected Schools

 SPECIAL FINAL ISSUE                                                                                                        
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Consortium Leaders Gather for Spring Meeting; Recognize Retiring Superintendents


     Members of the Building Capacity and 
Welcoming Practices districts convened at the USC San Diego Academic Center last month to discuss implementation of the new mobile app and online registration process currently being developed.


Trina Gregory of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering talked about the development of the districts' online registration platform.


     Part of the Welcoming Practices grant, the app will help military and other incoming families find the resources they need in order to have a smooth transition into their new schools.

     The gathering was also an opportunity to honor three retiring superintendents (from left, below): Dr. Dale Mitchell of the Fallbrook Union High School District; Larry Perondi of Oceanside Unified School District, and Dr. Jennifer Walters of the Escondido Union School District.






We'll Be In Touch 

     This is the last issue of the Building Capacity and Welcoming Practices in Military-Connected Schools newsletter.

     But stay tuned for future e-mails from us about the Welcoming Practices Consortium. Also check our website and our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.

Funding Opportunities Announced

Click on the links below to learn more about the following grant opportunities intended to improve school climate and safety for students.
As Building Capacity Comes to a Close, We Say Thanks to Our Many, Many Partners and Supporters


     The Building Capacity in Military-Connected Schools Consortium began five years ago as a partnership between USC and eight school districts. It grew into an internationally recognized model for how to create more military-friendly public schools, influencing both policy and practice.

     So we want to take this opportunity to thank all who have been involved in some way. First, we want to especially thank the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) for supporting the Consortium through its Military K-12 Partners program. We thank former DoDEA Director Marilee Fitzgerald and current Director Thomas M. Brady. We thank Kathy Facon, chief of the partnership program, Fatimah Pierce, grant program manager and the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District for hosting the grant.

     We thank Eric Waldo, formerly the Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and Programs at the U.S. Department of Education (ED), and Alex Sanchez of the ED. We want to show our appreciation to Kirsten White, who served as policy director for Dr. Jill Biden. We also want to thank 

     If we have inadvertently omitted someone, we apologize and want to express our gratitude for supporting this initiative.


Superintendents and District Leadership

Justin Cunningham (Bonsall USD)

Francisco Escobedo (Chula Vista ESD)

Lowell Billings (Chula Vista ESD)

Nancy Kerwin (Chula Vista ESD)

Jennifer Walters (Escondido USD)

Kimberly Israel (Escondido USD)

Ed Nelson (Escondido UHSD)

Steve Boyle (Escondido UHSD)

Karen Rizzi (Escondido UHSD)

Sharon von Maier (Escondido UHSD)

Candy Singh (Fallbrook UESD)

Brian Jacobs (Fallbrook UESD)

Ray Proctor (Fallbrook UESD)

Bill Billingsley (Fallbrook UESD)

Cindi Martin (Fallbrook UESD)

Tina Vogt (Fallbrook UESD)

Pat Dales (Fallbrook UESD)

Dale Mitchell (Fallbrook UHSD)

Ron King (Fallbrook UHSD)

Larry Perondi (Oceanside USD)

Duane Coleman (Oceanside USD)

Randi Gibson (Oceanside USD)

Cheri Sanders (Oceanside USD)

Tim Ritter (Temecula Valley USD)

Carol Leighty (Temecula Valley USD)

Jodi McClay (Temecula Valley USD)

Diana Damon White (Temecula Valley USD)


External Field Instructors

Amanda Hipper             Jennifer Dimase

Amy Perreault                Andre Antenorcruz

Andrew Melia                 Anthony Ceja

Danielle Duarte              Debbie Boerbaitz

Ghislaine Arena              Heather Lomelin

Jennifer Piranio              Jeri Coast

Kathie Huisenfeldt         Kerren Smith

Kimberly Bodie               Kimberly Israel

Kirsten Haag                   Diana Pineda

Lauren Aponte                Louisa Triandis

Maren Marbery               Maria Osborn

Michelle Santiago           Miguel Aguirre

Molly Engblom                Monica Loyce

Nellie Finn                       Yvonne Lozano

Nicole Pablo                     Paul Brazzel

Sabrina Monahan            Sarah Dooling

Stacy Townes                   Tracy Schmidt

Trish Orlando                  Valerie Kipper


USC-University Park Campus

Tamika Gilreath

Steve Hydon

Julie Cederbaum

Trina Gregory (Viterbi School of Engineering)

Aubrey Rodriguez (Clinical Psychology)

Marilyn Flynn

Carmen Frierson

Marleen Wong

Carolina Peralta

Monica Esqueda (Rossier School of Education)

Stephani Wrabel (Rossier School of Education)


USC-City Center

Hazel Atuel                      Charles Kaplan 

Russana Rowles              Christine Frymire              

Kamilah Mayfield            Diana Rambeau                

Emi Kamei                        Linda Jackson                   

Wendy Fu                         Christian Alfaro                 

Rachelle Wang                 Veronica Joy Gempis        

Berenice Castillo               Nidhi Praveen Jain           

Poojan Jhaveri                  Ana Castor                         

Sarah Nahigian                Eva Huang                         

Roseline Twagiramariya  Vincent Ofori           

Gordon Capp                    Kate Sullivan                      

Daniel Druhora                 Gabrielle Smith             

Julie Couture                     Lauren Alba


USC-Center for Innovative and Research on Veterans and Military Families

Anthony Hassan  

Carl Castro


USC-San Diego Academic Center

Diana Pineda                     Terrence Fitzgerald

Jennifer Lewis                   Pamela Franzwa

Ruth Supranovich             Omar Lopez

Louisa Triandis                 Michael Rank

Meryl Livingston               Jennifer Parga

Jose Coll                            Chantra Nhien

Giang Nyugen                   Jonathan Alfonso

Tim Haag                           Isaac Ford Jr.


USC-Virtual Academic Center and Orange County Academic Center

Mary Beth Harris

Eugenia L. Weiss

Gokul Mandayam


Chapman University
Kris De Pedro

San Diego State University
Amalia Hernandez                  

Thom Reilly 

Colette L. Ingraham

Joey Nunez Estrada, Jr.

Trish A. Hatch


Old Dominion University 

Joanna Garner

John Nunnery

Pamela Arnold

Sally Cardona


Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Rami Benbenishty

Ruth Berkowitz

Raeli Bronstein

Ilan Roziner

Dorith Wesler

Keren Malchi


Nanjing University, China
Liru Gao

University of Bergen, Norway

Borge Skaland


Consultants/International Advisory Board

Amanda Datnow (UCSD)

Chi Ping Chuo (USC Keck)

Dorothy L. Espelage (Univ. of Illinois, Urbana Champaign)

Patricia Lester (UCLA)

Norweeta Milburn (UCLA)

Mona Johnson (U.S. Army)

Shelley McDermid-Wadsworth (Purdue University)

Gregory Leskin (UCLA)

Anita Chandra (RAND)

Catherine Bradshaw (Johns Hopkins University)

Charles Boyer (Dept. of Ed.)

Colette L. Ingraham (SDSU)

David Splitek (MCEC)

Gary Bowen (UNC-Chapel Hill)

Hana Shadmi (Israel Ministry of Education)

Lisa Jaycox (RAND)

Lynne Michael Blum (Johns Hopkins)

Mary Keller (MCEC)

Michael Furlong (UCSB)

Michal Beller (RAMA)

Phillip T. Slee (Flinders University, Adelaide)

Robert Monson (NAESP)

Thom Reilly (SDSU)


Military School Liaison Officers

Chanin Massaglia (Navy)

Kelly Frisch (Navy)

Kelsey Denvoe (Navy)

Paula Emmert (Navy)

Shannon Milder (Navy)

Robin Williamson (Navy)

Elfredia Hines (USMC)

Kelli May (USMC)

Kristi Terry (USMC)

Maria Swanson (USMC)

Rose Ingersoll (USMC)

Sherise Stark (USMC)


UCSD Partners at Learning

Amanda Datnow (UCSD)

Caren Holtzman (UCSD)

Allison Wishard Guerra (UCSD)

Over 1,000 Undergraduate Interns


Learning Together

Bill Billingsley

Julie Hong

Christine Kay



Greg Austin

Kiku T. Annon             

Ben Trigg   

June Bayha

Carol Kim 

Thomas Hanson                 



Gregory Leskin 

Patricia Lester (FOCUS)

Norweeta Milburn (FOCUS)
Ediza Garcia (FOCUS)

Catherine Mogil (FOCUS)  


Military Child Education Coalition

Mary Keller

Dave Splitek

Stacye Parry

Stacey Smith

Bill Lawson 

Paul Callen 
Zoe Trautman
Cindy Risch 
Tracy Brown
Sandy Franklin
Debra Longley
Judy Glennon 
U.S. Army Major General (Ret.) Paul Mock

Colonel (Ret.) Susan Glenn Lee

Patty Shinseki
Annette Nelson
Don Seeley
Frank Jordan
Joan Barrett
Julie Coffey
Karen Mock
Kim Schoffner
Matt Vanderlaan 
Paul Ban
Susan Glenn Lee
Ululani Packett
Teachers College Press      Command Media
Leyli Shayegan                           Kevin Lombard
Brian Ellerbeck                           Judith Paixao
Monica Carrera
Nancy Power
Karl Nyberg
Meg Hartmann
San Diego Military Family Collaborative
Joe Bueherle
Barbara Padilla 
Barry White


Marine Corps Community Services and Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
Larry Rannals

Fleet and Family Support Services and Family Readiness Express
Russel Scott
Dana Ross
Mary Kirby 
San Diego County Office of Education
Anthony Ceja
Mara Madrigal-Weiss
Orange County Department of Education
Rick Siegel
Military Children's Collaborative Group, Inc.
Debbie Nichols
Mary T. Harrill-McClellan 
Sharon P. Robinson
Gail Bozeman

Los Angeles Mayor's Office
Mayor Eric Garcetti
Joseph Chicas

Los Angeles Unified School District
Maria Castro

Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative-Families and Children Working Group
Deborah Hayes
Canadian Center for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response
J. Kevin Cameron
National Association of Social Workers
Jen Parga
Tera Stefani
Kurt Well
Janlee Wong 

2010-11 USC Interns

Alexandra Badone         Alfonso Valenzuela

Alicia Downs                   Amanda Henever

Christina Gutierrez         Diana Ashe

Erica Hoy                        Gena Truitt

Isaac Ford                       Jang (Betty) Taur

Kelly Felton                     Kim Becker

Kristine Anderson           Laurel Covert

Leigh Dick                       Mako Csapo

Mary Liesenberg             Melissa Cruz

Mercedes Tiggs               Nicole Nevitt

Nicole Wolff Conley        Samantha Dunn

Tera Stefani                     Troy Bradley

Nick Borrelli

2011-12 USC Interns

Alicia Downs                   Amanda Sanchez

Antionette Moore           Atavia Jones

Britney Molina               Carolina Miranda

Christine Guerrero         David Curry

Elisa Yoon                       Emily Decker

Frances Reid                   Gerard Skiles

Gil Acosta                        Jamar Richardson

Jennifer Heumann         Jessica Mew

Joann Weersing             Kelly Felton

Kristine Anderson           Laurel Covert

Leigh Dick                       Lisa Mills

Mako Csapo                    Megan Sudnick

Michael Majam               Rose Robles

Roxanne Martir              Tera Stefani

Tiffiny Davison                Travis Riley

Troy Donovan Bradley    Vanessa Cecena

Vanesia Patchin               Victoria Torres


2011-12 SDSU Interns

Alaina Chamberlain        Andrea Gomez

Andrew Springsteen        Bryant Strause

Cristina Nojara                Cuong Hoang

Jessica Osmun                 Joanna Salinas

JoviannePereyra              Krystle Aguilar

Maia Weldele                   Melisa Monteon 

Monica Rivera                 Nicolette Miyazono 

Nita Martinez                  Randi Beckman

Sherrell McClain              Vi Nguyen


2012-13 USC Interns 

Abi Andrus                       Annabeth Adler

Brian Kane                       Caitlin Pfaff

Carla Stroud                     Cederick Victor

Chelsea Leff                      Cristina Fossel

Diana Aguilar                   Frances Madison-Weaver

Frances Reid                    Frank Garcia

Jacqueline Aguilar           Jason Cardenas

Kerri Bjork                        KhirrahWint

Kimberley Lauwerys-Bergen  

Lia Andrews                      Raechel Taylor

Rauna Landing                 Samantha Turpin

Sarah Plep                         Sharmel Jackson

Sonya Reed                       Thomas Rocha

Toecia Land                      Virginia Valle

Yashia Vargas


2012-13 SDSU Interns

Andrea Lin                        Bryant Strause

Zorayda Delgado              Heather Lampron

Melisa Monteon                Laura Romo       

Cathia Sanchez                 Maia Weldele

Paula Macias                     Sarah Oehler

Nancy Mendoza                David Martinez

Josh Griffith                      Alex Gutierrez

Susana Flores                    Caroline Garcia

Liz June                             Evelyn Ontiverros

Diana Mesa                        Stella Alatza

Wendy Detmers                 Mackenzie Hudson

Kayla Turner


2013-14 USC Interns

Trevor Acheson                  Evelin Barahona

Beatriz Barron                   Lindsey Bittman

Katherine Bonete               Kristina Bucifal

Adam Castro                      Linett Chevez

Mary Jessica Cardenas      Natalie Diaz

Alex Filippo                        Hillary Fuel

John Hannaberry               Eric Henderson

Shundra Jenkins                Brian Kane

Andrea Lavvorn                  Krystal Lerner

Barbara Loll                        April Lopez

Malin McCormley               Michelle Mendoza

Shantrinia Nelson               Monique Reeves

Erica Rodriguez                  Brooke Schoenen

Marcia Segura-Guerra       Jeanette Shin

Marcella Starkey                 April Williams

2013-14 SDSU Interns

Liliana Barajas

Erika Garcia

Rebecca Katowitz

Rachel Pekin

Julia Smith