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September Newsletter  

Sunday, September 7th is Melinda Wood Allen's last
scheduled speaking event as Associate Spiritual Leader and Music Director.
We are having a "thank you for sharing your gifts" reception for her after the service. Melinda assures us this is not "good-bye". If you are so inclined bring a snack or sweet to share as we wish Melinda a glorious future
Rev Scott McDowell has joined Harmony Fellowship as Associate Spiritual Leader.   In his role as Associate Spiritual Leader, Scott will speak on Sundays more frequently and will assist Glenn and Pat with pastoral care activities.  This is a positive step in the evolution of Harmony Fellowship which will hopefully enrich the spiritual experience for our entire congregation.  Please welcome him into his new role at Harmony Fellowship.



September Happenings

Harmony Men's Group will start meeting September 3rd, 6:30 pm at Paul Cunningham's home. Call 817-570-5822 for information and directions.

Choir rehearsals begin Tuesday, September 9th, 7 pm
open to EVERYONE, no tryout, no judgement, just the joy of singing together!!

NEW BOOK STUDY CLASS led by Cinda Cheney begins Sunday, September, 7th at 9:30 am. Come join this group as they discuss the book Journey of the Souls, Case studies of Life Between Lives. Now considered a classic, this remarkable book was the first to fully explore the mystery of life between lives, and provide details about what the spirit world is really like, where we go and what we do as souls, and why we come back in certain bodies.   




Come join Scott McDowell as he begins his Fall Offering of his class on Harmony's Principles which meets Sunday, September 14 at 9:15 and the 1st & 3rd Sunday's thereafter. This is a very important class for all, and especially for members, as we discuss how we can best live and demonstrate the principles on which Harmony was founded: Inclusiveness, Integrity, Humility, Compassion, Transparency and Generosity. Scott has expanded this class to include stories and parables from the New Testament that portray the various principles being lived out.  The goal is to elicit thought and conversation on what it looks like to live the principles in our daily lives.


Pat Moore's Chakra 101 class meets the 2nd and 4th Sundays at 9:30 am in the Library.Last Sunday we almost outgrew that space so if we have any more attendees we may have to move it to the kitchen area.  



Dinner Groups begin gathering in September and continue through the month of November. Questions? See Paul Cunningham.



Flowers - We have the remainder of the year--October through December--open to sign up to provide flowers for Sunday services. You take the flowers home with you at the end of the service. Cost is $75 and checks can be made payable to Harmony Fellowship (note the check is for flowers). Flowers are provided, including delivery, by Lexa's.


Our Immediate Needs

September 2014



Women's Underwear

Boys and Girls Underwear & Socks (sz 2T & up)

Adult size Flip Flops

Hair Conditioner

Body Wash

Wash Cloths

Hand Towels



For questions or additional information please contact Barb Reese

breese@safehaventc.org or at 817-535-6462 ext 120.


You can also visit our website at www.safehaventc.org.


If you receive a 2015 calendar (from a charity or other source) and are not going to use it, please bring it to Harmony Fellowship on any Sunday and Janet Brown will deliver them to nursing home residents who do not already have a calendar.  Please make sure that the calendar is for 2015 (not 2014), that it has some pleasant photos, and that it can withstand a little abuse (no Dollar Store versions, please).  PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE CALENDARS.  


Last year, you donated over 90 calendars, from which the residents were allowed to choose one to hang in their room.  They appreciate all shapes, sizes, and subjects.  Each month they look forward to changing the calendar and seeing the next picture, plus it keeps them on track with the year, day and date.  Thank you for adding this little bright spot to their lives.




Janet M. Brown, LCSW


Compassionate Care Team is available to help in times of need.  If you ( or if you know of a member) need some temporary help in the way of Transportation, Food, a Visit, or a Phone Call, please contact either of these  


Compassionate Care Team Members:   

Connie Anderson, 817 223-0751 or  

Penny McCook, 817 716-5001  

to let them know of the need.


Their contact information is posted on the Bulletin Board in the lobby.

Ministers' Letter 




Harry Gaze, an early pioneer in the New Thought  field, used to say, "Of course you have to die, but you don't have to die sick!"   What is the state of you health right now?  Is it as good as you would like it to be?  Are you in control of your body or is it controlling you?
The thing that makes us sick is the same thing that will make us well.  It's a matter of how we use it.  Are the things we are doing-spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, occupationally - a benefit or a detriment to our health?  The cause of illness is somewhere within you.  Choose to cause health.

Review the negative statements that you hear yourself say.  For instance, instead of saying "Oh my aching back" change it to "My fine strong back."  Did you notice the 'ownership' of the word my?  Be careful of what you choose to own for your body.  Systematically eliminate the negative instructions you are giving your body.

Creating health comes in increments.  Take baby steps.  Begin to change your diet with health and energy in mind.  Begin to eliminate negativity.  Re-educate your mind so that it accepts and, therefore, produces health. 

Life is wonderful!!   Without the barriers and inhibitions of feeling poorly, you can be a participant in the enthusiasm and delight of the banquet of life that is your right.

I love you and want the best of living well to be yours.


Get your copy of

Rev Glenn Moore's
New Book


The Fellowship begins at 10:30 with a meet and greet at 10:15.  Following the worship service, there are always people to pray with anyone individually. We have a pot luck luncheon on the 2nd and 4th Sundays and there is always enough food so please join us. The location of the Fellowship is:


Harmony Fellowship  
824 Pennsylvania Avenue  
Fort Worth, TX 76104 




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There is parking on the side and in the back of the building, on the street and in the parking lot across from the back of the building. Just a safety reminder, keep any valuables in your trunk.


There is childcare available on Sundays.


Harmony Fellowship is open and receptive to your ideas and/or suggestions. 


All are welcome so join us when Spirit moves you!!





Barbara Sikma
Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth